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In my opinion, the most complete, well-rounded multi-vitamin is one that comes in liquid form. If you can find an orthomolecular doctor and get a B-12 injection(also known as a liver extract injection),you will be absolutely amazed at what it will do for the body. Let me list for you just a sample of the benefits. added energy, youthfulness, better memory, improved vision, stamina, increased sexual desire and ability, more focused thinking, better sleep, better concentration, etc. This is truly something that your body will thank you for.


The best way to judge a multi-vitamin is to see results from an independent lab (such as ConsumerLab.com). They charge for their site to see results, but they are supposed to be trustworthy. Online articles do use them as a guide, so maybe you can search for past results. The website needs to be updated in my opinion (from what I saw in 02/2010), but it's the results that matter most.

Brands of multi-vitamin in the store that I recommend are One-A-Day, Centrum and NatureMade. There are others sold online like LifeExtension (lef.com) and Nutrilite (nutrilite.com). Any one of these and I think you should be good. I also recommend taking vitamin D-3 along with the multi-vitamin.

I personally strongly recommend LifeExtension since they are a non-profit organization and they improve their products every year (unlike most store brands that improve their products formula once every five years or longer, if at all).

IMPORTANT: You should CONSULT A DOCTOR first (especially if you are taking any medication or are pregnant/about to become pregnant) and do research online (watch out for fake sites that just want to sell their products). Read the ingredients on each bottle because each multi-vitamin has different amounts. Find out what you need because too much can be just as bad as too little. Some popular brands used to contain traces of lead, as just one example. So, be careful.
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