What is the best oil for a Honda Shadow 750?

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Use any JASO-MA or MA2 or SAE SF-SG oil of W 15-40 for this bike.
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How do you adust the clutch on a 2003 Honda shadow spirit 750?

turn screw or thumb nut in or out until there is only a small amount of play in clutch lever when siting in rest position. pull handle it should move just a little befoe cable moves if this doesn't work you my have to take out the play at the lower adjustment at lower clutch lever. there should alwa (MORE)

How do you change antifreeze on 2006 Honda Shadow Spirit 750?

you should have a petcock valve on the bottom of the radiator. beware. do not use automobile antifreeze in a motorcycle. it contains silicone that will wear your water pump. make sure to use motorcycle antifreeze or silicone free automotive. Try this link out. It's got pictures and directions (MORE)

What is life expectancy of 2003 Honda 750 shadow?

If you change your oil regularly and keep up with all scheduled maintenance, there is no reason you can't get a Honda Shadow past +75K - 100K Miles. How you drive it will also play into that (don't race it). Remember, you take care of it and it will take care of you.

What is a 2003 Honda shadow 750 worth?

About $4160 USd for the Ace Deluxe ($5500 Cd) and around $3740 USd ( $5280 Cd) for the Spirit modle. Based on dealer retail prices of course, from the Kelley Blue Book (US $) and CCB Canadian Blue Book Values. There are many variables including where you live, mileage of bike, condition etc., lower (MORE)

How do you adjust clutch on 84 750 Honda shadow?

If it is hydraulic, there is no adjustment, just make sure no air is in the line. If it is cable, then there should be a screw at the clutch lever which will tighten the cable. If the clutch really slips, then, well, plates will have to be replaced.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2003 Honda 750 Shadow?

If you look under the seat just in front of the removable cover you'll see the filter. Follow the fuel lines down from the fuel petcock and that will lead you to the same place. The filter has a black sleeve that slides onto a small bar; just pull towards you and it will slide right off.

What is the 2004 Honda shadow aero 750 tire pressure?

Honda recommends a psi of 33 for the tires. This recommendation is too low and is made for ride comfort, not handling or tire longevity.. A combination of 38/40, 40/40, or 40/42 will greatly extend tire life and improve handling. This info comes from rattlebars.com

Honda shadow 750 fuse box?

Depends on the year. Earlier models it located behind the right side cover (exhaust side) under the seat or newer years it may be under the seat itself. There are only about 4-6 fuses and a couple spares.

How do you charge the battery in a 2006 Honda Shadow aero 750?

First, if your battery is losing its oomph after a couple years, don't just recharge it, replace it. That said....... remove the driver seat/passenger pillion combo with an 8mm wrench and a (I believe) 6mm hex wrench (both included in your tool kit). Directly under there you'll find the battery, but (MORE)

How do you remove the battery on a 2003 Honda Shadow 750?

Remove the two bolts that hold the rear of the seat, then lift seatup and pull back. Remove the plastic cover above the battery. Nowyou can remove the battery terminal cables, start with the negativeand end with the positive cable. Lift the battery up and out of itshousing or box. If it is stuck the (MORE)

How do you change oil on a Shadow Spirit 750?

Things you'll need.... 1 Crush Washer (don't cheap out, 85 cents is worth protecting the bike.. 3 Quarts of Oil (Unless you've opened the engine you will not use all of this oil).. 17 MM Box Wrench. Metric Socket Set. Oil Filter Wrench (Advance Auto Parts cheap junk doesn't work get it from you (MORE)

Where is the battery on a Honda Shadow 750?

It is below the seat. To get at the battery, remove the Hex boltsholding the seat, then lift it up and pull a bit backward. Next laythe CID unit aside, remove the rubber strap holding the battery inplace and loosen and remove the small cable terminal bolts on thebattery, beginning with the positive (MORE)

Why does my Honda 750 shadow shake?

make sure your wheels are tightened all the screws on the forks are tight including the allen screws. you might need to get your wheels balanced with weights. you can eyeball the balance by lifting the bike and spinning the wheel; make sure it turns smoothly. if the tires have been flat for awhile t (MORE)

How to remove the battery in a Honda Shadow 750?

The following applies to the 2003 model of the Honda Shadow 750.First, put the key in the lock on the left side cover on the bikeand turn it to open the seat lock. Then lift the rear end of theseat up and pull it back to free it. Next, remove the tool kitwhich is located on top of the battery cover. (MORE)

Can you synthetic oil in a Honda shadow 750?

Yes, unless it contains a friction modifier which would be indicated by the circle on the container. It should say something like " Energy Conserving". If it does, stay clear of that particular oil as friction modifers can cause your wet clutch to slip.. One of the most popular synthetic oils used (MORE)

Where is the alternator on a Honda Shadow 750?

Stator (alternator) and removal/and installation:. 1. Place the bike on the center stand.. 2. Remove both side side covers and the seat.. 3. Disconnect the battery negative lead.. 4. a) 1983-85: disconnect the electrical connector going to the alternator/stator assembly. b) 1986 and on: remove (MORE)

How do you change a front tire on a Honda shadow 750?

Tire Changing. The rim of the alloy wheel is aluminum and the exterior appearance can easily be damaged. Special care must be taken with the tire irons when changing a tire to avoid scratches and gouges to the outer rim surface. Insert scraps of leather between the tire iron and the rim to protect (MORE)

How do you increase horsepower on a Honda Shadow 750?

A few easy ways to sqweek out HP from the shadow's powerplant would be the addition of some aftermarket goodies. This is what I did to mine to get a +25HP increase: 1: Cobra Low-Boy shotgun exhaust without baffles (400$) 2: High Flow spike air intake with K&N filter (Keeping the Carb's forward (MORE)

How do you take the seat off a 1983 Honda Shadow 750?

First you remove the glove box in the back of the seat. There should be two bolts holding the back section of the seat in. Take off the two nuts and lift the seat upward and pull back and it should come off. Then unbolt the front part of the seat and slide it back. It should also come off.

Honda 750 Shadow carburetor AF adjustment?

These caburetors are very sensitive to cold weather and also a bitdifficult to get at. Before you decide on adjustment of the AFscrew you should know that many bikes of this kind have to bewarmed up for several minutes before dricing, and in cold weatheryou may have to use the choke a bit. On the si (MORE)

How often should you change engine oil on a 1998 Honda Shadow 750?

This depends on the state of the engine, up to a point. If you arestill running the original engine, I would change the oil andfilter every 2-3 thousand kilometres. If your engine has beenrebuilt with new parts, then you can use the engine oil for a bitlonger, but do not exceed 4-5 thousand km. Be s (MORE)

What type of coolant for a 99 Honda shadow 750?

Just pick some up at your Honda dealer. You want the right product for the water pump. Answer#2: You can use the pre-mix Honda or Spectro MC coolant which is a premium product that lowers temp. To save money buy Prestone anti freeze at Wal- Mart (the one that mixes with any color anti freeze). Th (MORE)

IS IT normal Honda shadow ace 750 backfires?

yes is the simple answer. it shouldn't happen very regularly but it will happen on occasions. My bike normally does it for about 15 minutes after refuelling. all it is, is the fuel/air mixture running slightly lean, so not all the fuel is burnt before reaching the exhaust pipe, then when it hits th (MORE)

How do you check the crank case oil in a 1983 750 Honda Shadow?

The crankcase dipstick is on the right hand side (if you are sitting on the seat in driving position ) just above the foot rest. It should have a line on the dip stick to tell you where to fill it to. The crankcase and the gear box are the same place. To check the gear oil in drive shaft take the pl (MORE)

How do you adjust the rear shocks on 2004 Honda Shadow 750?

There are 4 different shock positions on the rear shocks of thisbike. The load on the spring is adjusted by the pressure put on it.The lowest position of the adjustable turning ring will provide thesoftest driving and the highest position will provide maximalfirmness of the shocks. Grap the metal pi (MORE)

How do you charge the battery in a Honda Shadow Aero 750?

Remove the battery, and disconnect the negative terminal first. Ifyou have a battery charger you connect the terminals to theappropriate wires, the red wire is for the plus terminal and theblack or blue on for the negative terminal. Adjust the voltage to12 volts on the charger. It can take up to sev (MORE)

What are the mechanics of the Honda Shadow 750?

The Honda Shadow 750 is a motorcycle manufactured by Honda Motors. It has a 750 cc engine which is liquid cooled, 21 inch front wheel, and a seat height which reaches no more than 26 inches. Foot pegs are placed so the driver is comfortably seated.

Where can someone buy Honda shadow spirit 750?

There are several different avenues a person can take if they wish to buy a Honda Shadow Spirit 750. The best options are to check with the local classifieds and through approved Honda dealers in the area.