What is the best song in 'Wicked'?

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My favorites are:
1. Defying Gravity
2. What is This Feeling
3. Popular
4. For Good
5. The Wizard and I
6. No good Deed.

of course all of them are amazing, but those are my favorites!
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What are all the songs in Wicked?

Act I 1. No One Mourns the Wicked 2. Dear Old Shiz 3. The Wizard and I 4. What is This Feeling? 5. Something Bad 6. Dancing Through Life 7. Popular 8. I'm Not That Girl 9. One

What songs are in Wicked?

(In chronological order No One Mourns The Wicked Dear Old Shiz The Wizard And I What Is This Feeling? Something Bad Dancing Through Life Popular I'm Not That Gi

What are the songs in 'Wicked the Musical'?

The recording of the original Broadway performance of the musical 'Wicked' included 11 songs in the first act. They were as follows: 'No One Mourns the Wicked' 'Dear Old Shiz

What is the most popular song in 'Wicked'?

The song 'Defying Gravity' may be the most popular song in the musical 'Wicked'. It's sung at the end of the first act. So it has a critical position in carrying the interes

What is the song list for 'Wicked'?

1.. "Overture / No One Mourns theWicked ". Kristin Chenoweth , Sean McCourt , CristyCandler, Jan Neuberger, Ensemble. 6:40. 2.. "Dear Old Shiz". Kristin Chenoweth ,Ense

Is the song for good from wicked?

Yes it is. It is Elphaba and Glinda singing about how they have been changed because they knew each other. Its such a sweet song!
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What is the song from Wicked?

In order of the soundtrack, since you weren't specific: 1-No One Mourns the Wicked 2-Dear Old Shiz 3-The Wizard and I 4-What Is This Feeling? 5-Something Bad 6-Dan
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What is the song 'Defying gravity' about in 'Wicked'?

Going against established, expected ways of doing things is what the song "Defying gravity" is about in the musical "Wicked." Specifically, gravity is what keeps people ea