What is the best undercoating for sound and heat?

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For sound and heat resistance there is a padding out there that you install between the floor and the carpeting that is a foil backed insulation. Check with your local auto parts store.
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Is undercoating needed?

It is a waste on American made cars, like Fords. They will just break down and fall apart regardless. (Above answered by a bigoted Chevy owner or a furriner)

What is the best undercoating for warhammer 40k models?

It depends on what colour scheme you are painting your army for example something like White Scars Space Marines it's best to use a white or grey undercoat but Chaos Space Mar

Is heat slower than sound?

Heat is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In a vacumn particles travel at over 299792458 m s^-1. So that is a lot faster than vibrations (Sound Energy)

What are the similarties of heat and sound insulators?

The similarities between heat and sound insulators is very small. [The names are imprecise.] A Sound Absorber , to give it its proper name, is usually a light fibrous mate
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Can heat and light and sound be absorbed?

Yes, yes, and yes. Heat: Water in a pot over a hot fire or stove-burner coil absorbs heat, and eventually boils. Light: Black fabric appears dark because it absorbs

What is the purpose of undercoating?

Undercoating is a waterproof coating applied to cars' undersides to prevent them from rusting. The parts under your car are also vulnerable to damage from the elements (especi