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What is the best way for you to build a credit history if you are not a US citizen but have a Social Security number and are married to a US citizen?

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What is the best way for you to build a credit history if you are not a US citizen but have a Social Security number and are married to a US citizen?
You do not have to be a US citizen to obtain credit. You simply need to find a lender willing to put you in debt! You can begin by establishing a relationship with a local bank. Speak with banker, or loan officer and tell them your goals. You want to express the desire to purchase a car and a house. This represents potential income to the bank. They will give you specific steps to take which can help you get there. You will need to establish at least 3 open credit accounts. Your local bank can extend a secured credit card and a personal loan secured by a Certificate of Deposit. These types of accounts require you to deposit money, which the bank will hold. Because these types of accounts are less risky for the bank, they are more likely to grant them to a credit beginner. This will get you started. Ask your banker what they recommend for a timetable. Follow their suggestions, and at the appropriate point, approach your banker again for another secured credit card, or possibly automobile financing. Following these steps will provide you with an excellent start to building a good credit history. In as little as 18 mos, you can be on your way to borrowing up to your eyeballs like the rest of America! Ain't capitalism grand?
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If you know a person's social security number is there some way you can find out if they are a US citizen without requesting paperwork from them?

  Answer     People don't have SSN#'s unless they have at one point been a citizen of the USA.   Answer     people with legal green cards and who are

When an indian marries a us citizen does he become a us citizen?

An Indian cannot become a US citizen by marrying a US citizen. Not only Indians, but any other person from another country cannot become a US citizen just by marrying a US cit

Can US Citizens Marry in Canada?

With the exception of same-sex marriages, as long as the requirements for a Canadian marriage license are met they can get married and the US will recognize the marriage. Wit

Can US citizens continue to receive Social Security benefits if they move outside the US?

If you live in another country, you may still receive your Social Security check for the duration of your eligibility; however, there are some countries where US Government ch

After marrying a US citizen can you be deported?

  yes you can. Just because you married a US citizen doesn't mean you are safe from deportation, not even a green card guarentees that. You still need to go through the im

Can a non-US citizen get a Social Security card?

Yes, non-US citizens can get a Social Security card if certain requirements are met. See Related Links.
When a Canadian marries a us citizen do they become us citizens?

When a Canadian marries a us citizen do they become us citizens?

No they do not automatically become a US Citizen. They would have to get a spouse's visa and then a marriage based Green Card. After the elapse of time - usually 5 years, they

What can you do to start to build your credit history when you have only had a social security number for 3 months?

 Answer   There needs to be something for the CRA's (credit reporting agencies) to report on. So, the easist and fastest way is to get some credit, either by getting a

Can an overstay student with valid passport and have social security number obtain marriage license by marrying a US citizen. Will any chance be rejected and got caught?

  By Personal experience... I got married to my Husband who was illegal here with an EXPIRED passport of his country and we still got the marriage License. All you really

What's the best way to find a US citizen who will marry a foreigner for green card?

  The best way is to keep advertising clearly on the internet. Make sure you explain that the only reason that you want to get married is to get a Resident Alien identific
Can an immigrant marry a US citizen?

Can an immigrant marry a US citizen?

Anybody can marry a US citizen, provided that they have a valid and legal immigrant status in the US. If not, then they may have to face unnecessary deportation and other prob