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Just like you would divorce anyone else you didn't like. It's best to see a lawyer and be sure you are protected. Your lawyer can handle things for you. I know it can get expensive, but it's the best way to go. Good luck Marcy Divorce them from as far away as possible. Good Luck. Pat W. Answer Quickly---and safely! Have an alternative place to live, or maybe a couple of them, lined up before you file. Change your hair colour and length/style, wear different clothes, buy a new car. Consider even changing your name, if it is really that dangerous. Might have to let your boss know, or even change jobs, if you think stalking or violence will be a problem. Get a restraining order first and notify the police of all and any concerns you have. Contact a local shelter and friends you trust to make sure you have many safe places to go to in case you need to hide or move quickly. Never ever go back to the situation you were in or be with the person again...they do NOT change. Get counseling and support for yourself and kids if you have them. You don't want to end up in another relationship with another psycho, and you will need to examine your life and choices deeply to discover how you can do better for yourself.
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What is the best way to get a narcissistic husband to agree to a divorce?

Fortunately, he does not have to agree nor consent to the divorce. You can file for divorce on your own. However, planning for the eventuality that he will not be happy would

Is the best way to get rid of a sociopath to ignore him or tell him to leave you alone?

Tell him safely over the phone that you want nothing to do with  him. Dont offer anything else, dont explain why, just end the call.  Then completely ignore him. Dont go any

Is there a delicate way to explain to young children that mommy's sociopathic behaviors and criminal activities are the reason for their parents' divorce?

No! And don't tell them if they are young. They do not need to know at this age. You should never talk bad about their mother even if it is true. They need to know one thing a

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  How To Ask For A Divorce     Well if by the person asking you mean the wife/husband you want the divorse with, one of the best ways is not "I WANT A DIVORCE!!!"

What makes sociopaths the way they are?

    Answer     The newest breakthroughs yield enormous insight into this perplexing and devastating condition that plagues four percent of the population and

Is there any way to help a sociopath?

I don't think so unless you remove all normal thought from yourself when dealing with them and how can you do that if you normal how can someone really think like they do and

Can divorcing a sociopath leave you in financial ruins?

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When a divorce sociopath father is victimizing his children?

Go to Family Court requesting protection. If he has custody, you should petition the courts to have it taken away from him, and request that any visits with him and the childr

Is divorce the best way to stop domestic violence?

That would be a cure for that relationship but the one abusing is not cured. Abusers blame the partner but the problem is in them so they are the ones that needs to be cured.