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The only ways to keep the penis erect are continued stimulation and medication. Stimulation can be in the form of arousal (looking at or thinking of arousing things) or through directly touching or manipulating the penis.

One caution is that it is not good for the penis to be erect for over 4 hours. You do not want to compromise the blood flow and end up losing your penis to gangrene and subsequent amputation.
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How can I keep my penis erected for a long time?

There is no need to do this. Your penis will stay erect for as long as it needs to. Forcing it to stay erect longer than it needs to be will damage your penile nerves, meanin

How do you keep your husband penis erect?

Keeping a penis stimulated will generally keep it erect. You may already know this, but a penis has 3 main parts. The head, the frenulum and the shaft. The head contains the m

How can you keep penis strong and erect?

its never going to stay but you can keep it there by thinking about contact The strength or your erection is due to the amount of blood flow to the penis, which causes an ere

How hard should erect penis be?

Answer   It all depends on what point you are at in the erection, but usually it's very stiff and it's hard to bend or move the penis.

How to you keep your penis on hard?

If you are in a sexually stimulating situation and you don't ejaculate you can stay hard for a considerable length of time. Even if you do ejaculate, if the situation is sexua

Do peppermint keep penis hard?

The use of peppermint (or peppamenta spiroagitate) has been described for centuries in medicinal texts when refrencing the prolonging (in duration) of the males erection. Mod

Best way to keep an erection?

Keep healthy and exercise. When you are with the right girl, it will last long enough.
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What pills can keep your penis hard?

There are several different makes but 'Viagra' made by Pfizer is a  popular choice. You should seek medical advice before taking them  as they are a prescription drug.