What is the best way to keep a penis hard after erection?

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The only ways to keep the penis erect are continued stimulation and medication. Stimulation can be in the form of arousal (looking at or thinking of arousing things) or through directly touching or manipulating the penis.

One caution is that it is not good for the penis to be erect for over 4 hours. You do not want to compromise the blood flow and end up losing your penis to gangrene and subsequent amputation.
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What causes an erect penis not to be hard enough to penetrate?

It depends on the individual. If the male is middle-age or older, it could be caused by restricted blood flow through the Dorsal Artery or any point of blood flow to the Dorsa

What is the Best way to keep your penis hard?

Quick drying cement? Nope, most guys, teenagers especially shouldn't have any problem staying hard, they usually find the reverse, the problem being getting hard when they don

Is there a way to increase the size of a 3 inch erect penis?

The only way to make any real difference would be to undergo surgery but this would only apply if you were an adult. Do not be tempted to spend money on any so-called penis en

Can bee pollen keep your penis hard?

No. Pollen has no particular magical properties. Nutritionally it is protein with a little carbohydrate and a small amount of lipids (fats).

What is the best way to give a guy a erection?

put your mouth on his penis. Rub your breasts in his face. Play around with him and rub his crotch. Whisper sweet nothings in his ears. Gently place his hand by your crotch
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What is the best way of getting rid of a erection?

EMT's when they pick someone up for having a boner for over 3 hours literally hit it. not like a punch though that would work too try slapping it ya need some force or else it
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How can you keep your penis big when not erected?

Maybe try loosing weight if you're kinda pudgy? That increases the size. Also, shaving your pubes makes it look bigger. :) But it can be a little itchy, so keep cooling crea
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What pills can keep your penis hard?

There are several different makes but 'Viagra' made by Pfizer is apopular choice. You should seek medical advice before taking themas they are a prescription drug.