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What is the biggest country in the world?

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The biggest country in the world is Russia, the smaller part of it lies in Europe and the other larger bit lies in Asia.

Russia covers the greatest area of land. China has the biggest population.
* Antartica (not as country) * Russia * Canada * Greenland * USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) * China * Kazkhstan * Mongolia * Australia * India
the largest country is Russia which has 17,098,242 [km^2] area which is followed by Canada by 9,984,670 [km^2] lands
In terms of area then the largest country is Russia at 17M km2 followed by Canada at just under 10M km2

In terms of population China is the largest with 1.3bn people followed by India with 1.2bn
The largest country in the world by land mass is Russia with an area of 17,075,200 sq km. However, the largest country by population is China with an estimated 1,340,550,000 living within its borders.

Russia is easily the largest country in the world at 17,098,242 sq km.
Russia 17,098,242 km sq Russia by area, China by population.
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What is the biggest democratic country in the world?

Russia is the worlds largest country and has a representative democracy form of government if that's what you mean. But if you mean which country has the most democratic form