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This is a mildly controversial question as there are two Roman Catholic Popes who can claim the name Pope Stephen II. Pope-elect Stephen was considered legitimate under the name Stephen II until the 1961 edition of the Annuario Pontificio (published by the Vatican) when he was erased and reclassified as Pope-elect Stephen. Although these changes are no longer controversial, a number of modern lists still include this "first Pope Stephen II".

For biographical information on Pope Stephen II please see this Wikipedia page:

There are lots of holes in this Biography but his
Papacy began 26 March 752
Papacy ended 26 April 757 (with his death)
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Who is Pope Sylvester II?

Pope sylvester II ( Silvester ) he was the first French Pope born in 950ad and died in 1003 ad introduced Arab arithmetic, astrology and astronomy to Europe He reigned as Pope from 999 til his death for more information on Pope Sylvester II double click on his name

Why did Pope John Paul II want to become pope?

He did not want to become pope.. He went to the august 1978 Conclave, stating that he was not at all fit to become pope and was elected to his own surpise.. He hesitated quite some time before uttering the traditional "Accepto", which is Latin for "I accept".. It is doubtful that any cardinal truly (MORE)

Who was Pope John Paul II?

Pope John Paul ii was the pope before the current one (BenidictXVI) he was born Karol Wojytla (Voy-Tee-Wah). He was born inWadowice Poland. He thought at first that he was going to go toschool for Polish Language and letters. He started his studies butthen he realized that God was calling him to the (MORE)

Who was the Pope after Sergius II?

Pope Leo IV was elected pope after Sergius II. Leo IV was made pope on April 10 847 and he reigned until his death on July 17th 855 AD. Leo reigned in difficult times as the Saracens were invading Europe and political ties were high with tension. Leo's ability and sanctity in facing these trials was (MORE)

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Montezuma II biography?

He was the leader of the Aztecs in Tenochtitlan when the Spanish arrived. Read more about him at the attached link.

Why was Pope Urban II famous?

pope urban the second is famous because he was the one who told people to go on the first crusades because god wanted the Muslims killed and that jurisalum was rightfully thiers.

Where did Pope Urban II live?

. Catholic Answer Although Pope Urban II entered Rome several times during his papacy, he had terrible problems with both the Romans and anti-popes. After his first entrance into Rome, he ended up in exile on the Island of St. Bartholomew. Later, he spend years wandering around Southern Italy. For (MORE)

Why was Pope Urban II important?

Pope Urban II is most important for sending aid to the ByzantineEmpire against the Turks and calling the First Crusade. He alsoestablished the groundwork of the Roman Curia which is still in usetoday.

When was Pope Urban II born?

From the Catholic Encyclopedia article on Pope Urban II: . (Otho, Otto or Odo of Lagery), 1088-1099, born of a knightly family, at Châtillon-sur-Marne in the province of Champagne, about 1042 A.D. .

The biography of Stephen in the Bible?

Stephen, according to Acts 6, was full of the Holy Spirit. He usually went out into the village and preached and preformed miracles. Some people didn't like Stephen and brought him to court. Stephen replied to their angry words telling about Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and several more peo (MORE)

Who was pope before Pope John Paul II?

Pope John Paul I (was only Pope for 33 days in 1978, and had initially declined nomination) He was first Pope to use the dual name, and it was in his honor that John Paul II took the name.

What did Pope Urban II want?

A: Pope Urban II wanted: . To recover Palestine from the Muslims, and launched the FirstCrusade for this purpose; . To remove the right of secular rulers to appoint bishops; . Control of Sicily, which was then subject to the ByzantineEmpire; . All priests to remain unmarried, although they wer (MORE)

Why was Pope Julius II important?

Roman Catholic Answer You may read about Pope Julius at the link below, he was a warrior, and after being elected pope he continued to pursue military campaigns. On of the reasons that he is famous is that he is the Pope who issued a dispensation for Henry VIII of England to marry his brother's wid (MORE)

How did Pope John II die?

In his later years his health steadily declined. He then developed a urinary tract infection that lead to septic shock. He died of heart failure from profound hypotension and complete circulatory collapse from the septic shock.

How did Pope Stephen?

How did Pope Stephen what? I am not a psychic. Also, I need to know which Pope Stephen you are referring to as there are a number of them.

Is Pope Saint Stephen I a patron saint?

Pope St. Stephen I is the patron saint of Fiano Romano, Italy, only. By the way, he is the pope who ordered priests to wear vestments when saying mass and not to wear street clothes for liturgies. Also, they were not to wear their vestments on the street as everyday clothing.

How many popes have been named Stephen?

Pope Saint Stephen I served as Bishop of Rome from 12 May 254 to 2August 257. So, only one, I think! That was the first, but there have been at least 9: . Pope Stephen I (died 257), Bishopof Rome from 254-257 . Pope-elect Stephen (died752), elected Pope but died before being ordained . Pope S (MORE)

How old is Pope Marcellus II?

Pope Marcellus II was born on May 6, 1501 and died on May 1, 1555. Pope Marcellus II would have been 53 years old at the time of death or 514 years old today.

How old is Pope Paul II?

Pope Paul II was born on February 23, 1417 and died on July 26, 1471. Pope Paul II would have been 54 years old at the time of death or 598 years old today.

How old is Pope Pius II?

Pope Pius II was born on October 18, 1405 and died on August 14, 1464. Pope Pius II would have been 58 years old at the time of death or 609 years old today.

What did Pope Elect Stephen die from?

Stephen was a priest of Rome who was elected Pope in March of 752 to succeed Pope Zachary. He died of stroke a few days later, before being ordained a bishop.

How old is Pope Julius II?

Pope Julius II was born on December 5, 1443 and died on February 21, 1513. Pope Julius II would have been 69 years old at the time of death or 571 years old today.

What was significant about Pope Gregory II?

A: Gregory II was pope from 715 to 731. He rebuilt the walls of Rome and established or restored a number of monasteries. He strengthened papal authority in the churches of Britain and Ireland, and also encouraged Winfred, whom he renamed Boniface, to undertake missionary work among the Germans. (MORE)

Why is pope Pius ii famous?

His longest and most enduring work is the story of his life, the Commentaries , which is the only autobiography ever written by a reigning Pope.

What are pope Julius II achievements?

Pope Julius II (1503-13) was a great patron and friend of Michelangelo. He also helped Raphael. He encouraged and supported Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and Raphael's fresco work.

Why did Pope John Paul II become pope?

He became pope because he was elected by at least a 2/3 majority of the cardinals participating in the papal conclave who were guided by the Holy Spirit.

What resulted from the donation by Pepin the Short to Pope Stephen II?

A: Pope Stephen II asked Pepin, king of the Franks that lands now heldby the Lombards be "restored" to the papacy, because four centuriesearlier Constantine had granted them to his predecessor, Sylvester.This claim was based on a forgery that Stephen showed Pepin, nowcalled the "Donation of Constan (MORE)

Who was pope before John II?

Pope Boniface II was the pope preceding Pope John II. Boniface reigned from September 22, 530, to October 17, 532.

How did Pope Stephen die?

Another answer from our community: Here are the first ones. Pope Stephen I - was martyred by being beheaded Pope Elect Stephen II - died of a stroke before he could beordained as a bishop Pope Stephen II (sometimes listed as Pope Stephen III) died ofnatural causes.

Was Pope Julius II a patron?

Yes, Pope Julius II was a patron. Pope Julius II was MichelangeloBuonarotti patron. Pope Julius II wanted Michelangelo to paint theceiling of the "Sistine Chaple". To be Continued........

Who was Pope Julius II?

A: Born Giuliano della Rovere, Pope Julius II was thenephew (a term sometimes used for the illegitimate son) of PopeSixtus IV, who made him a cardinal at 18 years old. Elected as popein November 1503, almost certainly by means of bribery, henevertheless issued a bull against simony. He served as p (MORE)