What is the biome of Uruguay?

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Mostly an agricultural country, wool as one of their main exports. Many different types of crops
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What are biomes?

Answer . Biomes are the major communities of the world. they are characterized by distinct vegetation and animals. Climate , temperature and rainfall determine to a large e

Where is Uruguay?

Uruguay is a comparatively small country in South America, along the Atlantic coast between Brazil and Argentina. Its capital is Montevideo. The Uruguay River separates it f

What is Uruguay?

Uruguay is a country in South America. It was established in 1825 after declaring independence from Brazil.

What are bioms?

Biome is spelled like that and a biome is like the desert, ocean, and grassland.

What a biome is?

A biome is a biological term used in the field of ecology. It is generally defined to be an assemblage or association of plant and animal groups occupying a given geographical

What is in a biome?

A biome is a geographic area characterized by certain types of plant and animal communities.

What biome are there?

The main biomes of the world are the Tundra the Deciduous Forest the Rainforest the Ocean the Desert and the Taiga

What biome have?

A biome is a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g., forest or tundra.
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Which biome are you in?

most biomes WAY up north or WAY down south will be tundra, like antarctica. in the united states, that's a lot of grasslands. islands like the Bahamas are warm, places near eq

Why is Uruguay named Uruguay?

Uruguay (the country) is named like that because of the name of the river that separates it from Argentina. Uruguay's (the country) full name is "República Oriental del Uru