What is the bite pressure of a tigar?

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Different sources say that they bite pressure of a tiger is between 1083 - 1550lbs
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What is the bite pressure of a German Shepard?

The German Shepherd can have a bite force of 240-750 lbs all depneds on the age and size and Temperament of the dog .compared to other breeds like Rottweiler,s 265-350 lbs Dobermann,s 245lbs Pit bull 165-240 lbs American bull dog 305lbs Tosa inu 556-650 lbs Dutch shepherd 235 lbs Belg (MORE)

What is the bite pressure of a Staffordshire bull terrier?

Pit Bull Bite: 235 pounds of force German Shepherd: 238-750lbs pounds of force Rottweiler: 328 -350lbs pounds of force Lion: 691 pounds of force Hyena: 1000 pounds of force Dog bite strength is proportional to the size of the dog. Bull Terrier is a relatively small dog averaging 128 to 20 (MORE)

How many pounds of pressure are in a dogs bite?

It depends on the dog,but german shepherds have the most with238-750lbs,turkish kangals have second with 350-714lbs,the tosa inuwith 556lbs,then the rottweiler with328-350lbs,then the alpha blueblood bulldog with 305lbs,then the korelian bear dog with245lbs,then the pitbull and dutch shepherd with a (MORE)

What is the average biting pressure of an adult human?

One of the very few - perhaps the only - creatures whose bite pressure can be measured fairly accurately is human beings. The average biting force of an adult male human (male because, in general, we lugs are bigger and have proportionately thicker masseter muscles than females) varies between 45 an (MORE)

What is the pounds of bite pressure for a daschund?

3-4ft/lbs. In short a doxie couldent bite, or fight his way out of a wet paper bag.. B/S - my 12 pound mini-doxie bit someone through a rugged leather shoe and broke the skin. I would estimate that bite pressure to be on the order of 80 -90 lbs. based on some tests I performed.

What dog breed have 48000 pounds bite pressure?

No dog breed has a bite that exerts 48000 pounds of pressure per square inch. In fact, no animal in the world has a bite that hard. I believe crocodiles have the strongest bite in the world, and among dogs, bite pressure per square inch averages around 320 pounds.

What is the exact pressure of pit bulls bite?

Pit Bull Bite: 235 pounds of force In comparison… German Shepherd: 238 pounds of force Rottweiler: 328 pounds of force Lion: 691 pounds of force Hyena: 1000 pounds of force

What canine breed has the most bite pressure?

THis is false. I know that an English Mastiff has a bite pressure of 550-600 lbs. per sq. inch so it is much stronger then a doberman bite. that is not true also a rotweilers teeth is like a lions theire theet are thin but the strongest canine bite goes to the doberman theire theet are like a tig (MORE)

Where do tigars live?

Most Tigers live in Asia, specifically throughout Southeast Asia,China, Korea and Russia. Tigers like to live in swamps,grasslands,and rain forests. Usually where Tigers live there aretrees, bushes, and clumps of tall grass.

What is the bite pressure of a bull terrier?

Pit Bull Bite: 235 pounds of force German Shepherd:238 -800lbspounds of force Rottweiler: 328 -350pounds of force Lion: 691 pounds of force Hyena: 1000 pounds of force Dog bite strength is proportional to the size of the dog. So a bull terrier's bite would be somewhere at or below 235 pou (MORE)

Which has more bite pressure alligator or crocodile?

Crocodiles have more psi than an alligator. The acronym PSI stands for "Pounds per Square Inch," and is the common unit of measurement for pressure. The American Alligator was tested 2125 psi. Also, the psi for Saltwater Crocodile is 3700 psi and the Nile Crocodile is 5000 psi and have the stronge (MORE)

What is the bite pressure of a rottwieler?

There is a myth that Pit Bulls Have the Strongest Bite of all Dog Breeds . There is no known proof that pit bulls can bite harder than other breeds of dog. Dogs bite harder or less hard depending on what situation they are in, so it is very difficult to run tests to determine bite strength. It is a (MORE)

How much jaw pressure does a staffordshire bite?

32 tons psi 32 tons psi is a crock, that would be 64000 lbs per square inch. 2000 lbs per ton times 32. The few studies I found, state the psi for a pit bull would be approximately 235. with a Rottweiler being 320. I would think that the original answer was written by someone who doesn't like pit bu (MORE)

Is a bull mastiffs bite pressure harder then a pitbull bite pressure?

It is a proven fact that pitbulls have the stronger jaws of all canids. - Actually pitbulls don't. Even though pitbull is a term not a breed like the American Pit Bull Terrier, they still do not have the stronger jaws. A bullmastiffs' bite pressure on average is about 530per sq. inch

What is the worlds strongest dog bite pressure?

There was a study on this done by National Geographic I think. They said it was a boxer (if I recall). The Jackal is in the dog family and that definitely is the overall winner, but from the domesticated dogs, I heard it was a boxer. Winning over a mastiff and pitbull.

What does tigars eat?

Tigers eat deer, rabbit, ducks, i think mokeys, if they want humans mostly humans kill them and lots of other animals:)

What is the bite pressure of a bull mastive?

I don't know the bite pressure but I have to say about the topic. During the 19 and 20th century, pitbull had been compited to other breed to see if there is a breed that could put a good fight. Tosa, the Japanese fighting dog failed. Bullmastif had failed. The greatest Geman sheperd had failed. Rot (MORE)

What bite pressure for chow?

The average bite pressure for a chow is roughly 100 PSI. It is oneof the lowest bite pressures among all the species of dogs.

Pressure bite German sheppard or pitbull?

Because bite force is correlated to the size of the head and jaw, the bigger the head, the bigger the bite. Chalk one up for the German Shepherd here, as it is larger than the pitbull and therefore has a larger bite. However, in a fight, it would be a bit of a different story. Bite force counts fo (MORE)

What eat tigars?

The only thing I can think of that eats tigers are Asian people, specifically the Chinese, who use them in medicines and make wine out of their bones because they think it makes a person stronger and makes men more virile :}

What is the bite pressure of an American bulldog?

Pit Bull Bite: 235 pounds of force German Shepherd: 238 pounds of force Rottweiler: 328 pounds of force Lion: 691 pounds of force Hyena: 1000 pounds of force Dog bite strength is proportional to the size of the dog. So an American Bulldog's bite would be somewhere greater than 235 pounds (MORE)

How many pounds of pressure can a pit bull bite exert?

When dogs are tested, they don't bite the hardest they can. It is imposible to meassure the exert while a pitbull is hanging by it's jaws because the mouse is closed. No other dog breed could that. This tells us that larger dogs not necesarily have a stronger bite. Don't forget that any dogs jaws ha (MORE)

What would you compair a tigar to?

First of all, it is spelled TIGER and COMPARE. And second of all, i would compare a tiger to any big cat there is because they are related in a sexy way- A liger might be a good idea since it is the offspring of a tiger and lion. You might also want to do a tigon

What is the bite pressure for a hyena?

1,000 lbs of pressure per square inch. That's compared to 120 for a human, 320 for large dogs such as German Shepherds, 600 for a lion, and 2,500 for a crocodile.

How much pressure in a pitt bulls bite?

Don't go with the pressure measured in some kind of test. Dr. Lehr Brisbin of the University of Georgia states, "To the best of our knowledge, there are no published scientific studies that would allow any meaningful comparison to be made of the biting power of various breeds of dogs. There are, mor (MORE)

What is the bite pressure of a blue and gold macaw?

Well..they experiment with their beaks and will break anything in their power. Even a used, second-hand cage can experience the wrath of up to !1200 pounds! per square inch of pressure and bars can break. With 30% of its muscles located in the head and beak area, these macaws show no mercy towards w (MORE)

How similar is a tigar to a lion?

Both are large, powerful cats. The body structure is similar, with the lion being taller at the shoulder and the tiger with a longer body. But essentially, they are very similar overall.

What animal bites with the most pressure?

I was very bored one day, so I watched Animal Planet. From what I learned, they said that the Nile Crocodile had the strongest bite with the most pressure. Hope this helped!

What is Michael Tigar famous for?

Michael Tigar is best known as an American criminal defense attorney. Tigar has argued 7 cases in front of the Supreme Court. He has also represented some controversial clients including Terry Nichols, and Angela Davis.

What is the bite pressure of an pit bull?

Tests that have been done comparing the bite pressure of several breeds showed pressure PSI (per square inch) to be considerablylower than some wild estimates that have been made. Testing has shownthat the domestic dog averages about 320 lbs of pressure per squareinch. Recently Dr. Brady Barr of Nat (MORE)