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There are many news blogs, including those by CNN, Topix, and The Guardian.
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How do you create a new blog?

Specially i do following steps: . Decide Blog concept and theme . Choose free blogging platform like WordPress . Choose blog's URL and name as per blog theme . Choose a

Is a blog a news source?

Yes, I believe it can be. But usually a blog is a website that compiles news from other websites and means of media to give the reader an extensive insight on the news of cert

How do you make a new blog on your myspace?

Go to where it says blog. If you don't know where that is go on the tab the rectangle that says friends and then if you keep on looking you'll see blog then you click on it a

How do you create or open a new blog?

First of all you must have an email address. After that go to blogging sites like blogspot.com and sign up there. You can now create a blog after signing up. Just follow instr

HOW to make your new blog known?

There are books by the dozen written about this. So lets do this: 1, Figure out how much time you are going to devote to promoting itweekly or daily. 2. Pick 3 methods you lik

How do you add a new image in wordpress blog?

1. login into your site www.(yoursitename)/wp-admin 2. click on the media link on the left hand side 3. at the top of the page click on add new 4. click were it says select f

How do you get your new blog to have a lot of views?

The best way is to pay for traffic. There are some really cheap ways to get traffic online through sites such as directcpv.com and 7search.com ...im talking cheap traffic..lik

Need ideas for new blog from you?

-whats the intense news -Something funny -every day new comics - if a girl blog (talk about period) -if a guy blog(talk about period) -advise -what you should neve
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What is a good way to get news out about a blog?

The best way to get the latest news about that blog is to subscribe to that blog or its rss feed, so you will get all the new updates for that blog through an email notificati
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Where can one find a host for a news blog?

Finding a web host for a news blog is easy. There are numerous services that for a fee will provide the necessary technology. Go Daddy is a popular one that has been feature
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Which celebrity movie blogs have fashion news?

MTV provides fashion news on their blog. Eonline has a fashion news area on their blog. Entertainment news and the Huffington Post have fashion news on their blogs.