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From Earth the Sun is obviously the brightest star.

Otherwise Sirius (The Dog Star) is brightest star discovered so far with a magnitude of -1.42.

One of the most luminous stars in the Galaxy is called The Pistol Star (but dust hides it from view)

Yes, from Earth the Sun is the brightest star. But that's not the question: the brightest star in the universe is certainly not the Sun, nor is it Sirius; Spica for instance, is over 10 times the mass of the Sun, thus having a far greater luminosity.

But the light years separating Spica from Earth reduces it to the 15th brightest star in the nighttime sky. And the Pistol Star is only one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way Galaxy... The universe however, houses many stars superior to the Pistol Star.

The problem with the question is it refers to such an astronomical entity, the vast universe. And as such, it may never be able to be answered with complete accuracy...

That isn't the question either, the brightest star known in the universe is R136a1, a blue hyper-giant which is not only the most massive star known, at 265 solar masses, but the brightest.

It shines at 8,700,000 times the luminosity of the sun and is a member of the R136, a super star cluster around the centre of the tarantula nebula in the the magellanic cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky way.
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Which star is the brightest?

The brightest star that is not the sun is Sirus. Sirus is a 1stmagnitude star. Sirus is 8.7 light years away from Earth, which isnot to far away(for a star at least). Sirus is

What star is the brightest?

The Sun is the brightest star for us. Apart from the Sun, the next brightest star as seen from Earth is Sirius.

What is the brightest star?

The Sun (Sol) has an apparent magnitude of - 26.74 . Siruis (Dog star) with an apparent magnitude of -1.47(Brightest in the Northern Hemisphere) . Canopus with an apparen

Which stars are the brightest?

The brightest star in the sky is the sun, as it is by far the closest. The next brightest after this is Sirus, then Canopus, Arcturus, Vega and Rigel rounding off the top six.

What is the brightest star in the universe?

As the question specifies brightness, the brightest star in the Universe is our Sun - because it is the closest star to us. The most luminous star is another question: See

What are the 10 brightest stars in the universe?

It is impossible to say for sure. Some stars may be very bright, but are much too far away for us to see. All the stars you see when you look outside at night are just from ou

Where in the universe is the largest known star?

the largest known star in the universe is vy canis majoris, but there may be bigger ones out there. the most massive (in weight) star known is R136a1, a blue hypergiant star

Fifty brightest stars in the universe?

\nThat question cannot be answered. We would have to know the magnitude of every star in the universe. The universe is infinite (and expanding). It's impossible to answer y

What is the name of the largest known star in the universe?

There's a lot of uncertainty in measuring these things, since they're mostly too far away for us to see them as more than points of light. However, currently VY Canis Majoris