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Lebanon's capital and biggest city is Beirut. It was chosen as the one of the top ten liveliest cities in the world by Lonely Planet and the first place to visit in 2009 by the New York times.
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Does Lebanon have a king?

Lebanon is a parliamentary democracy, it has a president :)

Does Lebanon have deserts?

  No Lebanon doesn't have any deserts it has mountains and green fields water and sea . No deserts

Who is the king of Lebanon?

Lebanon doesn't have a king, but has a president that i currently Michel Sulayman

What is the capital of Lebanon - Basra Baghdad Boston or Beirut?

BEIRUT is the capital of Lebanon.    Basra and Baghdad are cities in Iraq and Boston is a city in the  United States.

Where is Lebanon located?

Lebanon is located on the east end of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is to the south of Lebanon while Syria is to the northeast. Hope that gives you a general idea. Much simple

Where is the Lebanon country?

  Lebanon republic is a country located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea in Southwest Asia Mediterranean sea. The country is bounded by Syria on both the nort

How did Lebanon get its name?

lebanon name was derived from the word "liban" which is a name of a tree which was popular in lebanon a long time ago

What is the meaning of Lebanon?

One of the most beautiful countries in the world.   It comes from the word Laban which means white, and this is owed to the fact that its mountains, that constitue most of
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Who discovered Lebanon?

lebanon was not discoverd there was the middle east wich was in the  contenat Egept. there they found land an they named it Lebanon
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What are the religions of Lebanon?

No official census has been taken since 1932, reflecting the political sensitivity in Lebanon over confessional balance. The CIA World Fact Book gives the following distributi
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What animals are in Lebanon?

In Lebanon, there are a lot of birds mamals snakes and stuff like this. But the most common animals especially in the mountains are wolfs lezards and wild pigs at night. Also