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Lebanon's capital and biggest city is Beirut. It was chosen as the one of the top ten liveliest cities in the world by Lonely Planet and the first place to visit in 2009 by the New York times.
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Is Lebanon the capital of Basra?

No. The capital of Basra Governate in Iraq is the city of Basra.  There is no major city of Lebanon in Basra.

Why is beirut the capital of lebanon?

i guess it kind of is in the centre of Lebanon and it kind of has everything in it like resources and shops and it's the biggest town in Lebanon.

Is Basra the capital of Lebanon?

No. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. Basra is the capital of the  Basra Governate in Iraq.

What capitals are near Beirut Lebanon?

The closest capital to Beirut, Lebanon is Damascus, Syria  (eastward), followed by Amman, Jordan (southeastward); Jerusalem  (southward), Israel/Palestine; and Nicosia (west

What is Lebanon the capital of?

There are many cities named Lebanon, but none are the capital of  any state, province, or nation.    Beirut is the capital of Lebanon (the country).

Lebanon is the capital of what country?

Lebanon is itself a country, not a capital city. The capital of Lebanon is Beirut.

What is the state that has the capital of Lebanon?

Beirut has its own province in Lebanon called Beirut Province. It  is separated from the main province to which it is attached: Jabbal  Lubnan (Mountains of Lebanon Province