What is the capital of a small country boardering Saudi Arabia?

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Doha is the capital city of Qatar, a small country that borders Saudi Arabia.
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What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

The capital city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. It is also the largestcity in Saudi Arabia. It is situated in the center of the ArabianPeninsula on a large plateau, and is home to

Is Saudi Arabia a capitalism economy?

Saudi Arabia, like the United States is a Capitalist Economy but the government does interfere with economy to regulate it. This is just like in USA where this happens in many

What countries are close to Saudi Arabia?

Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UnitedArab Emirates all border Saudi Arabia. Israel, Bahrain, and Islamic State are all within a few dozenkilometers

Is Saudi Arabia a state or country?

Saudi Arabia is a country. The word state is ambiguous. It can refer to an independent nation (as in "the state of Israel") or to a province of a nation (as in "the state