What is the car underwater by armor for sleep song meaning?

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Actually since the whole CD happens to be a concept album about a boy who commits suicide and then floats through his old life while going through the 5 stages of trauma or whatever their called (you know, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) so the song is TECHNICALLY his death, his demise, his suicide which opens the whole rest of the album up, the person who answered this before wasn't wrong, just they don't have all the facts :]
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What does an armored car driver make?

Armored car drivers and guards make about 12.25 dollars per hour.Depending on the security company and experience, the amount couldbe significantly higher.

What is sleeping car?

there are passenger trains that have special sleeping compartments so passengers can sleep in them overnight, thus a sleeping car.

How do you get armored cars or armored state cars on Mafia Wars?

There are 2 different Armored Cars in game. The first is an ' armored car ' you get by doing the job Invade Tong Controlled Neighborhood under the Hitman tier in New york. The second one is a ' Armored State Car ' which you loot in the Storm The Presidential Palace job under the El Padrino t (MORE)

Mafia Wars armored car?

In New York, Hitman Tier, Invade a Tong controlled neighborhood. It's the loot drop there. Hoover over the gold icon and you will see it's title.

What does it mean to be underwater on a mortgage?

Being underwater means, as a homeowner, you owe more on your mortgage than the house is worth. With the current economic issues, they (CNN Money) say one out of five homeowners are in this situation. I think this may also be called Negative Equity. If you think you may be underwater, there are (MORE)

When was the underwater car invented?

there is no under water car but there is a car that drives on water The US military built vehicles back in the 1940's that would go under water to cross a river and such. The operator would need scuba gear also.

What do you have to do to get a armored car on Mafia?

They drop as a loot item during the Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood mission in the Hitman job tier. You can also occasionally find them after a successful fight or a member of your mafia that has one can gift it to you.

What does chink in the armor mean?

A chink in one's armor refers to a weakness, like a crack or gap in a suit of armor, that would make it simpler for an enemy to harm an opponent. Example of usage: Putting things off to the last minute is a chink in your armor that may get you in trouble some day . It is the same as saying that p (MORE)

Which car could drive underwater?

In the film THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, James Bond's Lotus sports car could turn into a submarine and swim through water. People got a shock when they saw it driving out of the water on to a beach! This car was quite a sight to see.

Where to get armored car?

There are several on the market but can be VERY expensive. Ebay should be a good place to begin as they have a wide selection of armoured cars such as the famous Jackal with automated turret capable of firing 330 rounds per minute. To drive this, one would require a regular driving license such as (MORE)

Where can you buy an armored car?

International Armoring Corporation (IAC) has really nice armoredcars. They have luxury sedans, trucks and vans - even a Maybacharmored car. Any armored vehicle you can think of.

What does it mean to breath underwater in a dream?

water in dreams usually stands in as a symbol for the emotions. Different water forms can help one identify what kind of emotional content is indicated but nonetheless water will usually mean some kind of emotion is coming to the forefront of the psyche. Breathing, on the other hand, involves anothe (MORE)

What does a dream fighting underwater mean?

In current usage, "being underwater" tends to refer to deepfinancial debt, such as a property that is no longer worth as muchas is owed on it. So this dream probably refers to your feeling asif you are fighting to work your way free from "drowning" in debt.

Who does the underwater car appeal to?

the underwater car appeal to everyone! not only is it a brilliant idea, but once used widely the underwater car will lead to more underwater structures and increase the area in which humans can live cutting down the need to cut down rain forests and destroy other animals natural habitat.

Where do you get armored cars?

Some of the resellers of armored cars are: 1. Custom Armored Vehicles 2. Alpine Armoring 3. Armet Armored Vehicle 4. Armour of America 5. Black Armor 6. Alpha Armouring 7. First Defense 8. Labock Technologies You can also find armored cars for sale on ebay. Hope this helps.

What does it mean if I had a dream with my ex girlfriend and I sleeping a car her in the front seat me in the back?

Your dream is telling you that your ex girlfriend is in control, and you are being taken along for a ride. The front seat is the driver's seat. She is making the decisions that effect both of you. You are in the back seat, which is a passive passenger's position, with no control over where you are t (MORE)

What are the lyrics to Bassnectar's song Underwater?

Undercover, Underwater Honor your resemblance and rapture Keep me from wandering…in terror Noria, where have you gone? Noria, whatever in the morning you think…. Holy-a, where have you gone? Holy-a, whatever in the morning you think…

What does is mean when you have dreams that you can breathe underwater?

Very generally speaking, dreaming that one is able to breathe underwater would represent feeling empowered and well-equipped to deal with any difficulty. While all dream images are specific to the individual dreamer, this dream seems positive and reflective of a healthy self awareness.

What does the song hate sleeping alone by drake mean?

It means that he likes this girl and she likes him too and that she needs all of him or just none of him, but he's too involved in touring that he passes time by sleeping with other girls since she isn't there.

What does the word armored mean?

It means to be covered by protective materials to prevent damage. A tank is covered in plates of steel, a knight wears thin molded metal to cover the body. Police wear kevlar to protect from bullets. These are all types of armor.

How do dolphins breathe underwater when sleeping?

Dolphins can't breathe underwater, and so every every time a dolphin needs to breathe, it has to make the decision to come to the water surface to breathe and supply its lungs with oxygen. Yet a dolphin might only be able to hold its breath for about 15-17 minutes. So how do they sleep?

What are some examples of armored cars?

There are a number of different armored cars. There is the German armored transport know as the "Boxer" that has been recently developed. Another example is the American half-track.

What is the purpose of armor for sleep?

Armor for Sleep was an American rock band back in 2001 until they disbanded in 2009. Their purpose was blending alternative rock with emo music, as well as dream pop.

Which people drive armored cars?

Some people that drive armoured vehicles are some military type persons. These vehicles include tanks, and other types of armoured vehicles found on military bases.

Why was the underwater car invented?

The underwater car was invented for the James Bond film(s) and cost $1.5 million to design and build. It is (unfortunately not available to the public but the original underwater car is in a warehouse in the U.S somewhere

What does it mean when you dream your underwater?

The dream could be a literal depiction of the common expression of"being underwater," in the sense of being overwhelmed or, morerecently, of being deeply in debt. In other words, you are feelingoverwhelmed and you mind is showing you that you need to deal withthe issue and find a solution.

How many armored cars in US?

Not possible to answer... since (a) there are no officialrequirements to keep a 'register' of armoured cars - and (b) thevehicles owners have a right to privacy.