What is the cause of segregation?

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The popular belief that two groups are distinct enough to be better off separated or with different legal rights.

What was segregation?

Segregation was the state and national law of separating "coloured" people from white people. Those who were oppressed often had much worse facilities, could not visit better

What are the causes of segregation?

Many whites were getting very upset because all of the slaves that had just been freed were now able to get jobs and started taking jobs from the white men. so the white men c

Did racial segregation cause an impact?

yes of course, becuse black people then couldnt use the same bathroom,eat at the same resturant, drink from the same waterfountain as whites nad so fort.

What is a segregation?

Segregation is the separation between races, colors, classes and more. An example of this is segregation between black and white people in the past. One more example is the so

Causes of segregation?

Four causes of segregation are white people, slavery, rich people,and laws.

What causes segregation?

one reason why segregation started was because the people the were making things accrue like white people and different race of people because of the way they treated other pe

What does segregation cause?

Segregation causes people to remain separated when they should befree to mingle. Segregation causes violence as well in some cases.

What caused segregation to end?

Segregation endes because mister martin Luther king jr. gave out his opinion on segregation and that it wasnt fair that they were treated like that! People realised that what

What did segregation do?

What segregation did was to separate black and white people and that mostly happened in the bus a perfect example is Rosa Parks. What happened was that Rosa would not give her

How does racial segregation cause racial inequality?

Educational facilities were not equal when segregated. Because ofsegregation, blacks were denied when they applied to high curiculumwhite schools. Their only option was to go

What cause segregation?

Segregation is the result of a society that is beginning to realizehuman equality but is still divided by the ideas that races shouldremain separate even if they are equal and