What is the cause of too much iron in someone with Down syndrome?

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One of the suppositions as to why iron might be harmful is based on the fact that people with Down syndrome have an excess amount of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in their cells, due to the extra 21st chromosome.
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How does someone get down syndrome?

One doesn't "get" Down's Syndrome, it is a genetic anomaly. Predominantly, the older the mother, the more likely her child will develop Downs. Such children have similar featu

How is Down syndrome caused?

Down's sydrome is caused by trisomy 21, when there are three 21st chromosomes instead of the normal two.

Can too much iron in the blood cause headaches?

Not sure if that is a known side effect, but I have been on Foltrin for about 2 months now for anemia, and it is giving me killer headaches. I stopped taking it and going to m

Can smoking cause downs syndrome?

No. However smoking during pregnancy can cause a number of other pregnancy complications. Women who smoke during pregnancy are at higher risk for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriag

What causes downs syndrome?

You cannot do anything to cause your child to have Down Syndrome, drinking,smoking etc in pregnancy does not cause this. Down is caused by a genetic oops where there is an ext

Causes of down syndrome?

The cause of Down syndrome is one of three types of abnormal cell division involving chromosome 21. All three abnormalities result in extra genetic material from chromosome 21

How can you tell if someone has Down syndrome?

you can tell because of their face and actions. their face might have slight differences that a normal face would. for example the eyes would be closer together and their face

What causes too much iron in your blood?

Haemochromatosis (see Wikipedia), liver diseases,... Mostly genetic, with certain racial proclivities, but most anaemias are actually iron-loading. Most males have too much ir
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What is the cause and symptoms of Down syndrome?

Downs syndrome is caused by having 3 copies, trisomy, of chromosome21 in your DNA. This can be random, causes are often unknownalthough it is associated with increased materna