What is the central importance of the institution of marriage in society?

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You started acting when you were only 4 years old! How did you get into acting at such a young age? Whose idea was it?

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Is marriage important in todays society?

  As I see it Not anymore... More and more people are choosing a partnership and not marriage. Sometimes it has to be because of the cash settlement of a divorce, people n (MORE)

When was the institution of marriage invented?

The concept of marriage predates Christianity and the other two forms of Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam which share a common origin and common values. Marriage is very (MORE)
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Why is marriage important?

Marriage is only important if the person thinks its important.... Marriage for some is very important for religious/personal reasons and to others marriage is of no importance (MORE)
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The History of Marriage

Marriage has existed for a very long time but today, among social issues in politics, same-sex marriage is front and center. Opponents of allowing gay people to marry speak of (MORE)

A History of Gay Marriage

The gay marriage rights controversy stems from a conflict between religion and tradition on the one hand, and self-determination and freedom on the other. Religion and traditi (MORE)
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Differences Between Ancient and Modern Jewish Marriages

In Jewish culture, men and women spend their lives in search of their "basherts." A bashert is the one person designed by God to complete your life, and each person in the wor (MORE)

Views of Those Opposing Gay Marriage

The issue of gay marriage is one of the most debated social issues in America. Those opposing gay marriage do so for a variety of reasons. In order to better understand their (MORE)

Thoughts On Marriage: Musings For A Wedding Toast

Marriage gets a bad reputation with studies showing nearly half of them end in a divorce. Regardless, marriage is still an integral part of any society and something to be cel (MORE)

What institutions are basic to all societies?

There are 5 basic institutions. I have them listed below with the problems they solve.Family-to procreate, nurture, and teach moresGovernment- who makes the rules, how to puni (MORE)

Which of these choices is not an institution of a society?

History is not an institute of society.    Institutions may be considered private or autonomous, whilst  culture and society, produced by collective human choice.
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