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What is the cheapest cleaning solution for a cartridge swimming pool filter?

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Spraying your garden hose on it full blast is the absolute best...and cheapest. I've tried other chemicals, pretty useless.I blast them once then the next time I pitch them. Hum, what a waste of money on the above answer and person. You should get 3 to 5 years out of your filter cartridges. There is a product on the market that is specifically for cartridge filters "cartridge filter cleaner". Add water to a clean 30 gal plastic trash can, add the quart or litre, mix slightly, hose off your grids fairly well, put them in the solution and leave overnight. Remove each unit and hose off with adequate water pressure and install in the filter. You might want to buy spare cartridges for the time when you just do not have the time to clean those dirt ones. Your grids will come out nearly new looking. Yes, just plain water is the cheapest but it will not get the body oils or suntan lotion or other goo. Lets say in a given situation that you only get 3 to 4 months out of the filters before they are so dirty that they will no longer filter well. That is 4 sets of cartridges every year times $XXX dollars. So if you have 3 to 4 cartridges inside your filter - hum, that is a tidy sum of money out of your pocket that was or is totally unnecessary.
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Why do you have a grey slimy residue on your swimming pool cartridge filter?

Answer   From suntan lotions, body oils, dirt, cosmetics, dust, debris, deodorants. Virtually anything and everything that touches or blows into or swims in the pool and

How can I clean a pool filter cartridge outside of the cartridge housing?

  Answer   This is an effective and cost efficient way to clean your filter. You can purchase commercial cleaning products from a pool supply store, but I use powder

What is the best above ground swimming pool filter system?

Well, there are basically 3 different kinds of filter systems, sand, cartridge, or Dichotomous Earth. DE Filters remove the most particles from a pool and are also the most ex

Difference of a pool skimmer and pool filter?

A pool skimmer is generally built into the side of or around the top of a swimming pool in order to skim debris from the surface of the water. A pool filter is built into the

How do you backwash a pool with a cartridge filter?

  You don't. Cartridge filters are cleaned by removing the filter element from the cylinder and washing them down. usually a hose down is enough, however over time calcium

Sand from filter in swimming pool?

If sand from the filter is ending up in the pool then the laterals are getting worn. These are at the bottom of the sand filter and should only allow water to pass.   A: Yo

How can you tell if you need to replace your cartridge filter or if you can just clean it?

  Answer   You can continue to clean the cartridge until it begins to have worn places, tiny holes or other obvious damage. If it gets to the point that the pores of

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Can you get pregnant from swimming in a swimming pool?

No, you cannot get pregnant from simply swimming in a swimming pool. However, you might get pregnant if you happened to have sex in a swimming pool.

Swimming pool losing water?

If no water is visible around pump/filter mechanism then there is a crack somewhere in the pool or pipes leading to and from pump/filter.

How do you remove sand from swimming pool filter?

  Sand can be removed by disassembling the filer and spraying with a hose. Bear in mind, most pool filters require "sand" to run. They have, in the filter compartment, a f

When vacuuming your pool the dirt flows straight through your cartridge filter and into the pool?

I've been working at a pool store for about 6 years now and this one comes up constantly. What you are probably seeing is not dirt but algae. This is completely normal so don'

How do you vacuum the pool with a cartridge filter?

  you can buy a cheap vac that attaches to your garden hose for about 20.00 and it will clean up the bigger debris but it will add water to the pool so you will have to dr

What chemical do you use to clean pool filters?

  Most sand and DE filters are cleaned with an acid solution by soaking overnight. Cartridges can use a spray on type and then blasting clean with water.   Avoid using