What is the child to staff ratio in all schools?

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It varies. A lot. Especially in other countries. Sometimes it's 50-100 kids per staff person, others it's 5-10 it depends on the type of school, too. Special needs schools will have more staff.
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What are the roles of a high school yearbook staff?

I am editor and chief of my school newspaper, and the uses of the class are: . Learn skills in photography . SKills in journalism . Skills in page design . People skills (Yes, you have to talk to people to interview them) . Art skills . You get a better eye for good design . Interaction with (MORE)

You pay child support every month plus buy school clothes pay for sports and more and your ex thinks you need to pay her child support plus split all expenses with her such as school lunch school fees?

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How do you make friends with a member staff at your school?

when your asked to do somthing outside of the classroom you can stop and talk to a teacher or a different staff when your out. get to know them, ask them like is it hard teaching and what was your favorite whatever in any grade you pick. how i became friends with the janitor at my school it i asked (MORE)

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How does child abuse effect the child schooling?

Sadly the two can overlap. Kids are in a captive audience in the school system and things go on normally, that dealing with an adult audience, would be laughed out of court! Kids can be subjected to various forms of physical( corporal) punishment that would be unthinkable outside of say the B-Block (MORE)

What are the Importance of staff meetings in schools?

To bring coordination among staff.to have communication n to have a friendly atmosphere,to solve the problems with mutual understanding.Staff meeting helps to motivate and encourage.It helps to remain united.Getting different ideas from staff helps the progress or development

What is the importance of first aid in schools for teachers and staff?

CPR is important for any person to learn. Every place expected to have a large number of people (office buildings, shopping malls, schools, etc.) should have designated people with CPR training. Schools in particular have a large number of children. This group, rarely has CPR training and rarely w (MORE)

What is the school age of a child in high school?

Well personally I think that it would make sense for a child to start high school at the age of 12-13 yrs . I think this because if you are born in 1998 you should have graduated from primary yr 7 and moved on to high school and then when you are in yr 8 you will have just turned 13 . I also (MORE)

CPR compression ratio for infants and child?

The CPR compression ratio for infants and children is 30 compressions to 2 breaths. 2 people CPR compression ratio for infants is 15 compressions to 2 breaths. 2 people CPR compression ratio for children is 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

How Factory child to the schooled child?

Better retool your grammar. a sort of compromise can be reached with vocational instruction in the public schools- a.k.a. Shop classes, where basic handicraft and sometimes mechanized skills were taught and practiced- and could be a form of Pre-Vo Pre-Vocational instruction. Do not confuse with on t (MORE)

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Do all staff in the ER need CPR or ACLS certification?

Yes, everyone who works in an Emergency Room is required to maintain CPR and ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) certification according to the ACLS Certification Institute. CPR is required for the layperson and BLS (basic life support) is required for the healthcare provider. Advanced Cardiac Li (MORE)

Ratio of toilets in schools in India?

The answer depends on what the the number of toilets in schools in India is to be compared with: . toilets in other establishments in India, . toilets in schools in other countries, . rooms other than toilets in Indian schools, . school population. You have not specified the context of the (MORE)

How can students and school staff put an end to this problem of bullying?

The thing is ypu can't really ebnd bullying there will always be one kid who gives a kid a wedgie in the locker room or bathroom. But, you can reduce it to just that one kid and keep punishing him. But that does'nt alwaus work. I personally think thay sighns saying bullying hurts or tell a teacher o (MORE)

What is a good ratio of staff to campers for a summer camp?

If you consider all staff in a sleep-away camp (counselors, teachers, administration, foodservice, grounds & maintenance, and healthcare), the ratio can be surprising: between 2:1 and 3:1 camper-to-counselor. But depending on how you break down the staff, you'll get different results. For instance, (MORE)

How can teaching staff help child with ASD?

I have AS and gone to school from elemantary to college and nothing serious occured. The only thing my parents did was have me see a Speech class teacher for thirty minutes once a week to evaluate how I was doing. More academically speaking people with AS may need more time to complete something (a (MORE)

What is line and staff school organization?

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How is information for workplace safety made available to all staff?

Information can be made available in many ways and each workplace or employer chooses then methods best suited to the establishment and management style. Possible methods include: . large meetings . small work group meetings . training sessions . toolbox discussion sessions . notices on bulle (MORE)

What is the ratio of child labor in India 2012?

\In India, the problem of child labour is well recognized. There are varying estimates of the number of working children in the country due to differing concepts and methods of estimation. The 2001 national census estimates the number of working children at 12.6 million ( 1 ) (out of a total of 210 (MORE)

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What is the ratio for doing CPR on a child?

These are the most recent PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Guidelines: When there is only one rescuer, which is often the case in CPR done outside the hospital, the chest compression to rescue breaths ratio is 30:2 (30 chest compressions, 2 breaths) just like it is for an adult. When there (MORE)