What is the chromosome theory of inheritance?

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(Was it really necessary to answer eleven times?) Chromosome theory is a principle of genetics. Known as the chromosome theory of inheritance, the principle is that all chromosomes are carriers of genetic material that pass from one generation to the next.

The theory of inheritance was proposed independently by WALTER SUTTON and THEODORE BOVERI

i) Since the sperm and egg cells provides the only bridge from one generation to another, all hereditary characters must be carried in them
ii) The hereditary factors are carried in the nucleus
iii) Like the Mendelian alleles , chromosomes are also found in pairs.
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Who developed the chromosome theory of inheritance?

Theodor Boveri and Walter Sutton developed the theory ofchromosomal inheritance in 1902. The concept of the theory is thatit identifies chromosomes as the carrier of the genet

What is chromosomal inheritance?

\nAccording to the chromosome theory of inheritance, Mendelian genes have specific loci or positions along chromosomes, and it is the chromosomes that undergo segregation and

Describe some of the pieces of information that scientists discovered that contributed to the chromosome theory of inheritance?

At around 1900, biologists began to see parallels between the behavior of chromosomes and the behavior of Mendel's "factors" during sexual life cycles. They knew that chromoso

What is chromosomes theory of inheritances?

We have learned over a very long time that the chromosomes carry genes that determine who we are and what we look like. Some genes are dominate and some are recessive. A perso