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What is the circumference of an ellipse?

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It isn't possible to give a generalised formula for the circumference of an ellipse in terms of elementary functions.
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How is a circle different from an ellipse?

The outside of the circle is always the same distance from the centre. The outside of an ellipse is not the same distance from the centre all the way round.

Can an ellipse tessellate?

no!!! it can not!

What shape is an ellipse?

An elipse is like a circle that is a bit flattened. an ellipse is an oval.

Is an ellipse a polygon?

No, polygons are made of straight, non-overlapping sides. An ellipse has curves.

Which shape is ellipse?

Oval like an egg.     hey how did u create that question please tell me ^ that is so not the answer -.- An ellipse is an oval with a line going down the middle and a l

What careers use mathematical ellipses?

Astronomers use them to determine the paths of planets, someone in medicine might recommend a patient get a lithotripsy (a procedure which utilizes the reflective properties o

What is the difference between an ellipse and an oval?

An ellipse always has two axes of reflection; an oval has one or more. So, an egg-shape is an oval, but not an ellipse. In short an ellipse is an oval, but an oval may or may

Mid point algorithm for ellipse?

  Midpoint Ellipse Algorithm Midpoint ellipse algorithm is a method for drawing ellipses in computer graphics. This method is modified from Bresenham's algorithm. The

Where is the oval or ellipse tool in Photoshop?

  In photoshop the oval tool is called the ellipse tool. The keyboard shortcut for all the shape tools is U (press the U key). It will highlight the currently selected sha

What are ellipses used for?

leave words out of a quote. An ellipsis is used for the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues

What is ellipse in astronomy?

The same as an ellipse in mathematics. A curve that looks like a stretched circle. In astronomy, if an object moves around another one in a closed orbit, this orbit will have
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What is ellipsity?

ellipsity is the name of a NYC tech startup, combining the  grammatical ellipsis (meaning the omission of superfluous words)  with the common english suffix -ity (the qualit