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What is the classical allusion in this sentence from Walden?

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"like Atlas, to take the world on my shoulders,"
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Walden can be thought of as?

A highly edited, idealized, and globalized view of a potential  lifestyle

What is classical?

it is called classical because its old?

What is classics?

It is the study of ancient civilizations e.g Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia etc... If you are looking to study the topic, you'll likely peruse ancient artefacts and texts on so on.

What is a biblical allusion?

  A Biblical allusion makes an indirect reference to the Bible. It requires that the reader be familiar with the Bible or portion of the Bible used to convey the hidden me

Sentence examples of allusion?

·  This garden is like the Garden of Eden.  · He  was a real Romeo to the ladies.  ·  Chocolate was her Achilles' heel.  · He  was being a Good Samaritan when he he

How do you use the word Classical in a sentence?

  you could have:   I listen to classical music   i live a classical life   there are more, check google!! hope this helps you people!!! There is no equal to a go

How do you use the word classic in a sentence?

This song is an absolute classic! I had this on vinyl in my teenage years!The game was a true classic final, a true nail-biter.I have one weakness it's true - classic cars.Tha

What is an allusion?

An allusion is when you trying to bring something to someone's  attention in an indirect way without actually mentioning it. It is  often a reference to a famous play, work

What is the effect of allusion?

Allusion reminds the reader of a previous occurrence or event and thus evokes a certain mood or feeling as the reader associates the current work to a previous work. It also a

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What is an example of allusion?

An ALLUSION is an indirect reference to another idea, person, place, event, artwork, etc. used to enhance the meaning of the work in which it appears- and some examples are "

A sentence for allusion?

Meaning "indirect reference" or "bringing something to mind in  passing", the term "allusion" can be used in numerous ways in a  sentence. Just one example would be, "The au