What is the classical allusion in this sentence from Walden?

"like Atlas, to take the world on my shoulders,"
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The book Walden began?

As entries in Thoreau's journal, which he edited many times over a period of years before publishing in the form we know it.
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What is walden about?

Walden is a transcendentalist story by Henry David Thoreau. He basically describes how he isolated himself from society by building a cabin in the woods. He observes the seaso (MORE)

What is a geographical allusion?

Allusions allow the writer to imply a great deal by simply mentioning something which the reader is expected to understand example of geographical allusion would be.. "The wes (MORE)

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Are there allusions in The Giver?

Yes, the name Jonas is a variation of the name Jonah. In the Bible, the prophet Jonah was commissioned by the Lord to proclaim judgment upon a sinful city. Also, Gabriel annou (MORE)

What are symbols and allusions?

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