What is the classical allusion in this sentence from Walden?

What is the classical allusion in this sentence from Walden?
"like Atlas, to take the world on my shoulders,"
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What is walden about?

Walden is a transcendentalist story by Henry David Thoreau. He basically describes how he isolated himself from society by building a cabin in the woods. He observes the seaso (MORE)

What is a geographical allusion?

Allusions allow the writer to imply a great deal by simply mentioning something which the reader is expected to understand example of geographical allusion would be.. "The wes (MORE)

Are there allusions in The Giver?

Yes, the name Jonas is a variation of the name Jonah. In the Bible, the prophet Jonah was commissioned by the Lord to proclaim judgment upon a sinful city. Also, Gabriel annou (MORE)

What are symbols and allusions?

Symbol: often an ordinary object, event, person, or animal to which extraordinary meaning is attached to. Allusion: a reference to a well known work of art, music, history, o (MORE)

Summary of "Walden" "The Ponds"

"The Ponds" is one chapter of the iconic book "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau. This chapter deals with the description of Walden Pond and the changes of the scenery. Thoreau r (MORE)
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Good writing is based on good paragraph and sentence structure. If a document is not well-crafted, it will lack coherence. The main ideas will not flow in an organized or effe (MORE)
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What is an example of allusion?

An ALLUSION is an indirect reference to another idea, person, place, event, artwork, etc. used to enhance the meaning of the work in which it appears- and some examples are " (MORE)

What is the definition of Allusion?

In literature, an allusion is basically referring to something  without explicitly stating what that something is. For example, the  album "Yes, Virginia" by the band the Dr (MORE)

Songs with allusion in them?

The Kinks wrote an entire album that acted as a narrative of an  ordinary man affected by the rise and fall of the British empire.  One song, "Victoria," is a song that appe (MORE)

What is a topical allusion?

A topical allusion is a form of figurative speech that can be a  metaphor or parable and holds significance to its target audience.  A topical allusion is an event, current (MORE)