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What is the classical allusion in this sentence from Walden?

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"like Atlas, to take the world on my shoulders,"
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What is walden about?

Walden is a transcendentalist story by Henry David Thoreau. He basically describes how he isolated himself from society by building a cabin in the woods. He observes the seaso

When was the word allusion used in a sentence?

Allusion is a noun that means an expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly; an indirect or passing reference. Often used as an artistic de

How do you write a sentence with the word allusion in it?

Answer . The magic trick was just an allusion.. Answer . Magic tricks are illusions, not allusions. An allusion is an indirect reference to something. So you could say

Sentence examples of allusion?

·  This garden is like the Garden of Eden.  · He  was a real Romeo to the ladies.  ·  Chocolate was her Achilles' heel.  · He  was being a Good Samaritan when he he

How do you use the word Classical in a sentence?

  you could have:   I listen to classical music   i live a classical life   there are more, check google!! hope this helps you people!!! There is no equal to a go

How do you use the word classic in a sentence?

This song is an absolute classic! I had this on vinyl in my teenage years!The game was a true classic final, a true nail-biter.I have one weakness it's true - classic cars.Tha

What is an allusion?

An allusion is when you trying to bring something to someone's  attention in an indirect way without actually mentioning it. It is  often a reference to a famous play, work

What is allusion?

Allusion is a literary device where another piece of literature isreferenced or mentioned in a book, movie, or other piece ofliterature.

How do you use the word allusion in a sentence?

Allusion is a noun meaning some reference (often veiled) to  another fact, occurrence, or event.    One candidate referred to another candidate's apparent attraction 

A sentence for allusion?

Meaning "indirect reference" or "bringing something to mind in  passing", the term "allusion" can be used in numerous ways in a  sentence. Just one example would be, "The au