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By mass, they are classified as liquids. However, if one examines the intermolecular attractions in between the molecules, gels will appear solid. Therefore, gels are classified somewhere in between.
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What is perfume gel?

It usually comes in a small container, similar to a lip bake container. It may look like petroleum jelly however it will have a distinct fragrance. Instead of squirting and sp

what is the gel in Gel Electrophoresis?

For larger molecules like proteins we use polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). For smaller pieces like DNA we use agarose gel electrophoresis

What is classification?

Classification means to put things into groups according to their  characteristics.   Living organisms are arranged in different groups due to their  similarities and di

What is sure gel?

Sure-Jell is a product made by Kraft. It is a pectin that is used  in jellies and jams to help thicken them up.

What is edible gel?

Edible gel is a term used for any gel that can safely be eaten.  Such gels are used in many recipes such as fruit jellies, fruit  salads, and cake frostings.

What is Nuru gel?

Real nuru gel is a slippery, clear, non-toxic water-based massage gel made from nori seaweed. It is VERY hard to find and takes about 20 minutes to prepare. Chemical alternat

What is gel used for?

Gel is used for sculpting hair, and sometimes maintaining small hair flaws you cant gel down with something like a straightening iron. Gel is very popular among teenage guys s

What is cake gel?

Cake gel is a cake improver, comprised of emulsifiers and humectants
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What is the function of gel in gel electrophoresis?

First of all the function of the gel electrophoresis is to separate lengths of DNA samples by using different charges. The function of the gel is to allow the DNA fragments to
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What is a classification?

classification refers to identifying, naming and grouping of organisms into formal system based on similarities of their internal and external structure or evalutionary histor

What is gel made of?

gel is made of nasty chemicals that can kill your hair if you use it all the time or if you use to much. it has material but it can also cause hair lost.....Gel is made of cow

What is gel strength?

The gel strength refers to the mass in grams necessary to depress a  standard plunger (AOAC) of 4 mm diameter into the gel at a gelatin  concentration of 6.67% after 17 hour