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Fiji's climate is tropical. Overall, temperatures between November and April (summer) are slightly higher than the winter months, as is the humidity and the resulting tropical downpours. Light cotton clothes are advisable at all times - only between May and October (winter) will a light sweater be needed for nights and early mornings.

However, the weather in Fiji varies considerably between island regions. This is due to the dominant south-east trade winds which traps clouds over the mountains on the south-eastern sides of the larger islands - rainfall in Suva is much higher than in Nadi on the western, leeward side of the main island which is good if you want to experience the vibrant rainforest but not so good for sun-bathing.

Summer - December to April
Summer begins early in December and lasts until April. During this time it is hot and humid (32oC by day) with bright sunny mornings and predictable late afternoon downpours on the larger islands, although the small offshore islands often miss these downpours altogether. This 'wet season' is a good time to come to experience the lush vibrancy of the rainforest - rivers are full, waterfalls gushing and the hills of the larger islands become refreshingly green. The down side is the high humidity, the increase in mosquitoes and the possibility of tropical storms or mightier cyclones.

Winter - May to November
By the end of April, Fiji experiences a more moderate climate. Temperatures are comfortably warm by day (27oC) and pleasantly cool at night (19oC) when a light jumper may be necessary. By midwinter (July), many parts of the country welcome rain - the hills around Nadi turn brown and water shortages occur on the smaller islands. However, on the eastern sides of the larger islands, notably Suva, Savusavu and Taveuni, rainfall is never far away keeping the air clear and scenery green year round.
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