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What is the common name for the temporal bone?

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The temple.
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Where is temporal bone?

The temporal bones are a pair of compound bones that form the base and sides of the skull.

What does the temporal bone protect?

Millions of people are affected by hearing loss and balance problems. Research into the causes of these problems is difficult because our hearing and balance organs are found

What is a temporal bones?

the temporal bones are the two bones in your skull in the ear area

Is the temporal bone a flat bone?

The temporal bone is located in the skull, and the skull consists of flat bones so yes, it is a flat bone

Where is temporal bone in human body?

I think the teporal bone is located in your head where the soft part of the side of your head is located. Hope it makes since...Really i do.

Where is the temporal bones located?

the temporal bone is the sleeping bone, they say it like that because you sleep on it. so when you sleep you will be able to localise it

Are Sinuses found in the temporal bone?

The paranasal sinuses (which surround the nose) are found in the following bones: frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid, and maxillary. The maxillary sinuses are the largest of all sinus