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What is the common name for the temporal bone?

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The temple.
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What is the common name for the tibia bone?

The tibia, which articulates with the foot, the fibula, the patellae and the femur is also know as the "shin bone". It is very dense and extremely strong.

How many temporal bones do you have?

There are two temporal bones in the skull.

Is the temporal bone a flat bone?

The temporal bone is located in the skull, and the skull consists of flat bones so yes, it is a flat bone

Are Sinuses found in the temporal bone?

The paranasal sinuses (which surround the nose) are found in the following bones: frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid, and maxillary. The maxillary sinuses are the largest of all sinus

What are the functions of temporal bone?

  There are several functions of the temporal bone including covering the brain (including important structures; eg the middle meningeal artery), in addition to housing th

What is 'temporal bone' in Latin?

Os temporale is the scientific name for 'temporal bone'. The temple bone actually is made up of four parts: the tympanic, the squama temporalis, the petrous or pyramid, and t