What is the concordant of worms?

an agreement made in 1122 that gave the Church the
ability to appoint bishops .
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What is worm?

If you meant computer worm then, computer worm is a standalone malware computer program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers.otherwise the word worm is (MORE)

How fast is the concord?

The speed of concord is faster than the speed of sound that is why it also termed as super sonic plane. The speed of concord is about 1155 knots (2140 km/h or 1334 mph), more (MORE)

Why did concord crash?

Air France flight 4590 was a Concorde flight that crashed shortly after take-off from Charles de Gaulle International Airport. According the report released by those investiga (MORE)
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English Definition of Concord

"Concord" is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. In fact, you may have already heard the word in use. However, "concord" is a word that has one single (MORE)
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What is a worm?

Answer  Computer worms are malicious software applications  designed to spread via computer networks. Computer worms are one  form of malware along with viruses and trojans (MORE)

Why is Concorde called Concorde?

Concorde is called Concorde because when Britain and France were thinking of a name a civil servent's family thought of it.it means "agreement between persons, groups, nations (MORE)

Where is Concord located?

There are several towns in the United States with the name Concord: Concord, Massachusetts Concord, New Hampshire Concord, California The Concord with the most significanc (MORE)

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