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an agreement made in 1122 that gave the Church the
ability to appoint bishops .
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How fast is the Concorde?

The speed of Concorde is faster than the speed of sound that is why  it also termed as super sonic plane. The speed of Concorde is about  1155 knots (2140 km/h or 1334 mph),

Why did concord crash?

Air France flight 4590 was a Concorde flight that crashed shortly after take-off from Charles de Gaulle International Airport. According the report released by those investiga

Who made Concorde?

Not a person... it's a joint design by Britain and France: combining the manufacturing efforts of Aérospatiale and British Aircraft Corporation

Why did the Concorde crash?

FLIGHT 4590 JULY 23rd 2000 AIR FRANCE CONCORDE I've personally deleted the other persons answer because in was incorrect. The reason Air France Concorde crashed is becau

Why is Concorde called Concorde?

Concorde is called Concorde because when Britain and France were thinking of a name a civil servent's family thought of it.it means "agreement between persons, groups, nations

What are concordant titers?

When you are calculating the concentration of a solution by titration the expression "concordant titres" refers are a series of successive titrations with similar results. The

Where is Worms?

  Worms is on the Rhine, to the south of Mainz.

Can you worm a cat if not sure if they have worms?

Most dewormers for cats are very safe. However, to make sure the drugs will continue to work, you should check with your vet before deworming your cat - he'll be able to tell

Do worms like to be by other worms?

yes in fact thay will rather be next to other worms instead of being alone it makes them feel more safe

What was Lexington and concord?

lexington and concord was when paul rever set out to get more soldiers in the militia for the Americans. The british thought that the American colonists were storing ammunitio

What was special about the Concorde?

Concorde went mach 2 that's twice the speed of sound, it carried people that fast. Really I think its amazing!

What is lexington and Concord?

1st battle of American revolution. on April 1775 two battles took place in these places between the colonists and the British