What is the concordant of worms?

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an agreement made in 1122 that gave the Church the
ability to appoint bishops .
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What is a worm?

Answer . Computer worms are malicious software applicationsdesigned to spread via computer networks. Computer worms are oneform of malware along with viruses and trojans. A

What is a concord?

there is a type of concord grapes made into the dark grape juice we drink> :)

Where was concord?

There are quite a few towns named Concord in the United States. States with Concords: . Alabama . California . Massachusetts . Michigan . Missouri . New Hampshi

Who is the worm?

He is the most amazing person in the whole of cyberspace..

What if you have worms?

See a doctor immediately for removal or a course of antibiotics to kill the worms. They can be a severe detriment to your health if left untreated.

What was Concorde?

The concord is the fastest passenger aircraft in the world and it was British.
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What do worms do and why?

Worms slide around in the dirt and eat mud and then they poo it out and farmers love it. Another type of worm comes in your body and that lives in the bum.
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What is concordance?

To be in a state of agreement and harmony