What is the continenet of Cambodia?

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Cambodia is not a continent; it is a country.
Situated next to Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam Cambodia is part of the continent Asia.
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What is the continenet of India?

Here's the answers most people give........ http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_continent_of_India . http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_continent_was_India_once_connected_to .

What are the continenets?

The Continenets are Australia, South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica and Europe.

How do you spell continenet?

The large region of the Earth's surface is called a "continent".. (the word is also applied medically for the ability to control urination.)

What is a super-continenet?

A super continent is when all continents are put together. In prehistoric times there was a super continent in out planet called Pangaea. It was all our continents put togethe
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What is continenetal drift?

The hypothesis that the continents have mved slowly to their current locations.
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What are the 7 continenet?

the seven contenints are : north america, south america, europe, asia ,africa , australia, antartica