What is the coolant capacity of a 1990 Toyota pickup radiator?

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The capacity of the pickup models of the 90s is 9.1 liters of refrigerators, other models of the same era arrived 10 liters even the modern models reach up to 10 liters, but does not exceed 10 liters
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What is the coolant capacity of a 1990 Jeep Cherokee?

Answer . \nBit more info would help answer that question. Engine type would help. However, if you are asking because you believe that it should hold way more than you just put in you may have an air blockage. These thing s are notorious for air pockets stopping fluid flow. After changing many (MORE)

Is a 1990 Toyota Celica supposed to drip excess coolant?

Where is the coolant dripping from? - if it's dripping from the overflow reservoir (jug that holds acts as a reservoir for antifreeze): means there's too much coolant in the reservoir; it should only be filled to the 'full' or 'max' line - not 100% full - if it's leaking out of a small hole in the w (MORE)

Where is the coolant drain plug located on the engine block on a 1992 Toyota Pickup V6?

Every radiator I've seen has a hole in the bottom where a plastic "screw-type" plug can simply be unscrewed and drain the fluid. Be sure to properly dispose of the radiator fluid because cats love the sweet taste of radiator fluid and if cats drink it they will die a very agonizing death. When it's (MORE)

How do you get to the speedometer cable of a 1990 Toyota 4x4 pickup truck?

There are two types of speed sensors and you can't tell until you look. One is electrical/magnetic (VSS) and one is a cable that goes directly into the instrument cluster. Here is my answer to How to replace the Speedometer Cable in a 1990 Toyota 4x4 Pickup 3.0 3VZE V6. To remove the cable you will (MORE)

My 1990 Toyota pickup well not start were can I start to look?

Answer . \nIt would depend on the engine type, petrol or Diesel.\n. \nEssentially for an engine to work, you need two or three conditions to be met. 1)Fuel 2)Compression 3)Spark (petrol engine only).\n. \nIn addition to this the engine needs to be spun by the starter motor (or push start) at s (MORE)

Why would you get oil into the radiator of a 1984 Toyota pickup?

\n. \n Head trouble \n. \n. \nEither your head gasket is shot or your head is cracked. More than likely the latter cause the most common sign of a bad head gasket is white smoke from water going into the piston chamber and loss of power. If your truck overheated to the point of shutting down (MORE)

Where is the starter located on a 1990 Toyota Pickup?

if u are facing your truck it will be on the left side of the engine!! u can take the bottom bolt off from the bottom but the top bolt well your gunna have to take it off from the top your gunna have to open your hood and slide your hand down to the starter! good luck...

How do you replace a 1992 Toyota pickup radiator?

first drain all anti freeze out of your radiator then undo fan shroud. Next you will have to undo radiator hoses supply and return, then undo the four bolts holding the radiator in once bolts are out just slide it right out the top. TIP: when putting radiator hoses back on or taking them off sprayin (MORE)

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1990 Toyota pickup?

Answer . \nTrack the top radiator hose to the engine area. The hose generally connects to a small fat tater size cover with two bolts that the thermostat lives in. You find that? Can you remove the bolts? So replace the thermo inside and make sure to install a new gasket

How do you fix internal coolant leak on 1990 Mazda b2000 pickup?

If by "internal" you mean inside the cab, the heater core would most likely be the culprit and needs to be replaced. If you mean within the engine, then you have a bigger problem as it could be a blown head gasket, or a cracked cylinder head in which case the cylinder head will have to be removed fo (MORE)

1990 Toyota supercab Pickup starter removal?

This is not an easy starter to replace. Remove the right front wheel, remove the rubber and metal inner fender liners disconnect the battery remove the front gravel shield both starter bolts can be removed from the front with a long extension and a 14mm swivel socket with a long extensio (MORE)

What type of air conditioning coolant is used in 1990 Toyotas?

The Freon type you need for a 1990 Toyota AC system is R-12. You can no longer purchase R-12 over the counter in the USA unless you have a license for it. The only place you can get it is by having your AC system repaired at a shop that is licensed to use it... unless you are fortunate enough to hav (MORE)

How do you replace 1990 Toyota Corolla radiator?

Remove negative battery cable, Remove both hoses, the big feed andreturn, remove fan, fan motor and shroud. Take transmission coolerlines off, the smaler hoses if it's an automatic. Remove bolts thathold radiator, and lift straight up. Replace same way opposite.PLEASE capture all fluids and dispose (MORE)

What is the towing capacity 1991 Toyota pickup?

i almost got stuck out side of Vegas going up the cahon pass 4500 ft elev. with a 1500 lb trailer lucky i had 3 bags of ice to put on the radiator to prevent the motor blowing its got a v-6 and manual trans los angeles was a long way home i don't recomment towing any thing up a hill at ALL

Where is the block heater on a 1990 Toyota pickup?

Toyota pickups with the 4 cylinder engine: Look for the frost plug on the RIGHT side of the engine block near the oil filter. In order to get the frost plug out you can try the usual tap via a screwdriver or small chisel to one side to make it pivot in place, whereupon you can get a vice grips on on (MORE)

Where is the fuel pumo on a 1990 Toyota pickup?

Oh boy, I think it is on the engine block on the passenger side. Have fun, it is the toughest filter I've ever had to get to. But it can be done. Just seems they could have thought it out just a little better! haha. Hope this helps.

What is the towing capacity of a 1990 Toyota V6 4x4 pickup?

3500 pounds but considering the age of your pickup that number probably doesn't hold merit. I have an 89 toyota pickup v6 single cab, and also a 1992 toyota 4runner, v6. I usually pull my bass tracker pro 190 boat. Its roughly 19 feet long and weights around 1100-1200 pounds. Both of my toyotas can (MORE)

How do you replace 1987 Toyota pickup Radiator Drain Plug?

A good option would be to go to your local auto parts store where you can ask someone behind the counter, or search the shelves where clips plugs and caps are found, however to find an exact match to your radiator you should go with one provided by the manufacturer of the radiator or a similar produ (MORE)

How do you lower your 1990 Toyota pickup 2wd?

the cross member your tranny is sitting on has two long bolts called torshion bars you can lossen them to drop your front end and on the rear you can buy these 2-3 inch blocks that you can put between your axle and leaf springs

What is the tire size for a 1990 Toyota pickup?

It depends upon what model you have. If you have the 2wd, you'll probably be running 225x75r15. Those are also run on the non-offroad editions of the 4wd models. The TRD offroad package sits up a bit more and usually runs 31x10.50r15. This is all with no suspension or body lift-if that's the case, s (MORE)

What is the coolant capacity of a 1994 Toyota pickup with a 22RE engine?

Capacites: Engine, with Mann Oil Filter (ML1003)...4.5 quarts [1] Cooling System, 2WD Initial Fill..........9 quarts Cooling System, 4WD Initial Fill..........9.5 quarts Automatic Transmission, A340H Initial Fill..........4.8 quarts Automatic Transmission, A340E Initial Fill..........1.7 (MORE)