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What is the correct grammatical usage of 'I' and 'you'?

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If you are writing or talking about a person then they ALWAYS come first. Example: (if you are talking to the person) ... 'Remember that time YOU and I went hiking and we came across that bear?' When writing: 'We have had so many great memories together and I consider you and I the best of friends.'
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Which one of these usages is grammatically correct - types of reports or type of reports?

Both uses are correct, but have different meanings. Types of reports signify more than one type of report, and there are several reports in each type. For example: . Th

Which one of these usages is grammatically correct - one of the more or one of the most?

Either could be correct, because the adjectives "most" and "more" may be used differently; more is the comparative form, most is the superlative form for the adjective many.

What is the correct grammatical usage of 'I' and 'me'?

Both "I" and "me" are forms of the singular first person pronoun. The difference is that "I" is the subjective form, and "me" is the objective form. The following are examples

If you were me or if you were I which is grammatically correct?

You're using the predicate nominative, so the pronoun should technically be in the nominative case (i.e. "If you were I"), but English speakers almost universally say and writ
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Which is grammatically correct was you or were you?

'Were you' is grammatically correct, as it gives us a subject (you), and a time (past), although it is not a full sentence, which requires a location. So you could say 'Were y

Is me and her grammatically correct?

Yes, the noun phrase 'me and her' is grammatically correct.   The pronouns 'me' and 'her' are objective personal pronouns, which  function as the object of a verb or a pr

What is grammatically correct she do or she does?

She does is correct, third person singular form of the verb. Theform 'do' is used for the first and second person singular andplural; and the third person plural. The form 'do