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What is the cost per person annually for medicaid?

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What is the cost per person annually for medicaid?
2008 Average Per Capita Medicaid Expenses State Medicaid Expenses Alabama $7,097.00 Alaska $27,924.00 Arizona $10,918.00 Arkansas $10,427.00 California $12,000.00 Colorado $12,405.00 Connecticut $32,309.00 Delaware $17,749.00 D.C. $23,263.00 Florida $10,879.00 Georgia $9,620.00 Hawaii $15,731.00 Idaho $18,262.00 Illinois $9,656.00 Indiana $15,419.00 Iowa $12,484.00 Kansas $16,937.00 Kentucky $8,994.00 Louisiana $10,458.00 Maine $24,851.00 Maryland $20,321.00 Massachusetts $17,470.00 Michigan $10,121.00 Minnesota $27,554.00 Mississippi $8,438.00 Missouri $13,681.00 Montana $11,486.00 Nebraska $18,066.00 Nevada $15,252.00 New Hampshire $21,222.00 New Jersey $16,338.00 New Mexico $16,337.00 New York $24,137.00 North Carolina $16,030.00 North Dakota $20,844.00 Ohio $15,998.00 Oklahoma $7,731.00 Oregon $11,813.00 Pennsylvania $10,845.00 Rhode Island $18,032.00 South Carolina $9,071.00 South Dakota $13,250.00 Tennessee $7,950.00 Texas $11,956.00 Utah $11,664.00 Vermont $18,561.00 Virginia $13,282.00 Washington $9,780.00 West Virginia $9,784.00 Wisconsin $12,949.00 Wyoming $12,696.00 Source http://policy.ssa.gov/poms.nsf/lnx/0502302200 Therefor the national average is 739018/50= $14780 The answer: national 2008 Average Per Capita Medicaid Expenses is $14780. Deja Suthikant M.D.
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What is the cost per person annually for medicare?

What is the cost per person annually for medicare?

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