What is the cotton symbol of quality?

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itis a tree with cotton on it and has lins near by the tree it repersents austrailan cotton
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What is the symbol for cotton?

The symbol for cotton is lines with a cloudy blob on the front. The lines represent the plowed fields that the cotton grows in. The cloudy blob represents cotton itself.

How do you check quality of cotton yarn?

By inspection of yarn packed yarn (bag inspection) in winding (auto cone) ring,rotor or open end quality ipi check with uster check shhet count check clsp check

What is th symbol for cotton?

The Textile Fiber Products Identification Act [TFPIA] requires all clothing to have labels that identify the fiber contents of each article. As with other fibers, the represen

What are the qualities of cotton?

Good Qualities of Cotton: Cotton will last a long time if it is looked after well. Another good quality of cotton is that it's very comfortable to wear. Poor Qualities of Co
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Who sells cotton futures at the best price and quality?

Cotton futures are traded under the symbol CT on the New York Board of Trade. As with any type of stock the price can vary from day to day. E-Trade offers competitive prices p