What is the cpt code for wide local excision for melanoma of arm?

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What is a melanoma?

A cancerous (malignant) tumor that begins in the cells that produce the skin coloring (melanocytes). Melanoma is almost always curable in its early stages. However, it is likely to spread, and once it has spread to other parts of the body the chances for a cure are much less. Melanomas are cancers (MORE)

How do you get melanoma?

Melanoma is usually caused by exposure to sun light. Please use sunscreen every day, no matter the weather.

What is a cpt code?

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT ® ) coding manual is a compilation of guidelines, codes, and descriptions to report health care services performed by health care providers in the United States. The CPT ® code set (Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System or HCPCS Level I) is copyrig (MORE)

What is cpt code for 401.1?

401.1 is an ICD-9 code not a CPT code (which are 5 numerical digits not 3). For a reference go to this link: http://www.aafp.org/fpm/990700fm/27.html. Do an Edit/Find: "401.1" to get right to this description:. "You see a patient for follow-up of benign essential hypertension. The proper code (MORE)

What is cpt code?

Current Procedural Terminology, Publication of the American Medical Association containing a standardized classification system for reporting medical procedures and services by providing them with assigned "codes."

What is the cpt code for infective myositis in the upper arm?

It looks like you are searching for the wrong code - infective myositis is a diagnosis, and not a CPT or service code. There appears to only be one icd code which is non-body part specific, and it is 728.0 You can verify this by using the icd lookup tool on icdpix.com - search for myositis

What is the Cpt code for excision of lipoma left posterior axillary fold?

CPT code is 21556, I am studying for cpc exam, had a really hard time finding the answer to this one so had to google what it meant. I don't really know how I'm supposed to get thorax out of Axillary fold. My test is in four days, don't think I'll pass. But 21556 is the answer in my answer guide.

What is cpt code 93965 for?

93965 - Non-invasive physiologic studies of extremity veins, complete bilateral study (eg, Doppler waveform analysis with responses to compression and other maneuvers, phleborheography, impedance plethysmography)

What is cpt code 97250?

There is no such CPT code as 97250. Actually that is a California Worker's Comp code for Physical therapy that I use daily. 97250- Myofascial Release/Soft tissue Mobilization IE: Hands on Massage etc.....

What is CPT code 93000?

CPT codes have an AMA copyright. The general answer is the code represents the professional interpretation and report of a 12 lead ecg.

What is cpt code 70486?

Radiology; Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging); Head and Neck; Computed Tomography [CT], maxillofacial area; without contrast material.

What is the cpt code for ischial ulcer?

An ischial ulcer is a medical condition (disease) that requires an ICD-9 code; not a CPT code, which is used for medical procedures. 707.04 (pressure ulcer, hip) 707.20 (pressure ulcer, unspecified stage) * * An additional code is required to identify the stage of the pressure ulcer ( (MORE)

What does the cpt code 63087 mean?

Surgical procedure code for: vertebral corpectomy (vertebral body resection), partial or complete, combined thoracolumbar approach with decompression of spinal cord, cauda equina or nerve root(s), lower thoracic or lumbar; single segment.

What is cpt code 99212?

Office/outpatient E & M of established patient, requiring 2 of 3 components: problem focused history/examination/straightforward decision making

What is cpt code 99060?

99060 is a cpt code that is used to document a service by a physician when the physician has to interrupt his regular schedule to provide the service outside the office.

What is the CPT code for supplies?

99070-Supplies and materials (except spectacles), provided by the physician over and above those usually included with the office visit or other services rendered (list drugs, trays, supplies, or materials provided)

What is cpt code 87880 used for?

Code 87880, "Infectious agent detection by immunoassay with direct optical observation; Streptococcus, group A." Hope you know what all that means....

What is cpt code 73723?

Magnetic resonance imaging, any joint of lower extremity; without contrast material(s) followed by contrast material(s) and further sequences

What is the code for excision of anal polyp?

Need more information. Was this an endoscopic procedure, and if so, what method? (hot biopsy forceps or bipolar cautery? snare technique?) Also, was it one polyp, or multiple polyps?

Are CPT codes used for inpatient?

CPT codes are used in billing medical work/procedures for all levels of care; inpatient, outpatient, extended care facilities, etc, etc.

What is the replacement for cpt code 99361?

Ive been using the code 99361 for an orthopedic peer to peer phone call and i was browsing through the 2012 cpt code book and noticed it wasnt anywhere in there. Does anyone know what code replaced it?

What does cpt code 92134 mean?

CPT Code 92134 - Scanning computerized ophthalmic diagnostic imaging, posterior segment, with interpretation and report, unilateral or bilateral; retina

What is a primary cpt code?

CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology. These codes are used to give a uniform term for procedures for the purpose of efficiency in filing claims. There is a particular code for every medical service. You might find this helpful for further information: patients.about.com/od/costscons (MORE)

What is cpt code 29884 mean?

The physician makes a 1cm long portal incisions for arthroscopic access into and around the knee. A blunt trocar, a knife, scissors, or a mechanical shaver may remove any adhesions limiting range of knee motion.

What is cpt code 72194?

CPT Code 72194 - Computed tomography, pelvis;without contrast material, followed by contrast material(s) and further sections.

What is cpt code 99210 used for?

CPT code 99210 is used for office visits with an establishedpatient. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology. It's a setof medical codes, and a new edition is released annually.

Who can get a melanoma?

people with fair skin people that work in the sun e.g. builders and life guards people with a family history of cancer

What is cpt code 15301?

Allograft skin for temporary wound closure, trunk, arms, legs; each additional 100 sq cm, or each additional 1% of body area of infant/children, or part thereof