What is the criteria for a visionary?

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The capacity to see beyond the curtain of current reality.

note from fkalich....this is an example how a language changes, in this case due to ignorance. Up to recent times the primary definition of visionary was "an impractical dreamer". It was not a compliment to call someone a visionary. Around the year 2,000 media newscasters/interviewers started using the term incorrectly out of ignorance. Even though initially using it that way was laughable, the media pundits began using the word increasingly in this incorrect manner. Something is lost when this happens. I am not aware of any word that one can use to convey the original meaning of "visionary". If you want to call someone an impractical dreamer you now have to use two words, if you call them a visionary they will most likely say "thank you".
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What is a Creative Visionary?

Answer . A Creative Visionary is a Trailblazer in his or her repspective field. They see a problem or solution others dont and create a solution which opens an untapped n

What is visionary architecture?

Visionary architecture can be defined as architecture that onlyexists on paper. This means that is has visionary qualities and notused on any structure.

What is visionary?

A visionary is a person who actively sees the possibilities in thefuture. They execute their visions by establishing a plan that willwork for them.

What is a visionary director?

Kind of like a regular director, but he/she decides what lighting will be used, camera angles, basically how everything looks.

What is a visionary goal?

A visionary goal is something you think of your self doing in the future that you try really hard to achieve.

What is visionary semiotics?

The subject of Visionary Semiotics covers the impactful images and signs witnessed in visions, meditations, or dreams that signify a future. A visionary semiotic (VS) is an

Visionary in a sentence?

Ghandi was a visionary. The new company's mission statement was visionary. His lofty ideals and can-do attitude caused the newspaper to label him a visionary. The visiona
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What rhymes with visionary?

expeditionary, preliminary, military, missionary, tributary, dictionary, dignitary, canary, fairy, hairy, very, Larry
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What is a visionary leadership?

As a consultant I would classify projects into three categories: Administered projects - Those where all the administrative steps were followed, all the paper work done and
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What does a visionary do?

A person who creates there own ideas about what the future might be like, or look like.
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What is criteria?

A principal or standard by which something may be judged or decided