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What is the culture of the French people?

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The culture of France has contributed much to western culture in general. It is hard to summarize what it is. However, there are many differences in French culture compared to other nation's cultures. See Sources and Related Links.
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What are 50 French cultural things?

Some important elements of French culture are: . Aignier purses and shoes. . Balconies with flower pots. . Basque fishing villages. . Bastille Day, on July 14. . Bere

What are five aspects of the French culture?

It depends on which French Culture you mean, there is obviously France-French, but also French-Canadian, and other various regions that are predomintly French. To answer yo

Why do French people speak French?

French is the language of the people who lived in the area which is now France, even before the borders were settled. It is a Latin-based language, with Germanic inputs.

How has French culture affected Africa?

The French introduced their language and culture to its Northern  African, Senegalese and Malian colonies. The natives were  encouraged to engage in these activities since t

What are French cultural landmarks?

Answer #1   Perhaps the most famous of France's cultural landmarks is the Eiffel Tower. There are the fashion shows that feature the suits of Chanel, the shoes and purses o

What are some French cultural activities?

One of the most fun of the French cultural activities is celebrating Bastille Day, each July 14th, in memory of the French Revolution. Another fun French cultural activity is

What do French people were?

  I am going out on a limb to say you mean "What do French people wear?" The answer would be clothing. The French have long been known as arbiters of style, in clothing, p

Do French people think in French?

It doesn't matter what language you born in. Your thoughts will be in your native language. But when you change languages, you will think in the more dominate one.

Why do people have cultures?

Cultures evolve within groups of people based on many elements of those people's lives, such as family duties and responsibilities, community needs, physical location, and bel
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Why does Canada have both English culture and French culture?

Layman's version:   Vikings found Canada - Left  English found Canada  French found Canada   French Settled in modern day Quebec  English settled in modern d

What did the French people do in the French revolution?

There were two kinds of people in the French Revolution, the peasants and aristocrats. The peasants were getting higher prices on bread and the aristocrats, to be blunt, didn'