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What is the culture of the French people?

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The culture of France has contributed much to western culture in general. It is hard to summarize what it is. However, there are many differences in French culture compared to other nation's cultures. See Sources and Related Links.
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What are French cultural landmarks?

Answer #1   Perhaps the most famous of France's cultural landmarks is the Eiffel Tower. There are the fashion shows that feature the suits of Chanel, the shoes and purses o

How was print culture related to french revolution?

many historians have argued that print culture had created conditions for french revolution.Firstly print popularised the ideas of enlightment thinkers.secondly print culture

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There were two kinds of people in the French Revolution, the peasants and aristocrats. The peasants were getting higher prices on bread and the aristocrats, to be blunt, didn'

People from Vietnam had on Australia and its culture?

  The influx of Vietnamese people had a large effect on Australia's appreciation for Asian foods and flavours because the ingredients became available. The variety's of br

How has French culture affected Africa?

The French introduced their language and culture to its Northern  African, Senegalese and Malian colonies. The natives were  encouraged to engage in these activities since t

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