What is the culture of the French people?

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The culture of France has contributed much to western culture in general. It is hard to summarize what it is. However, there are many differences in French culture compared to other nation's cultures. See Sources and Related Links.

What is French culture?

France's culture is becoming less specific and more European or global, and lost its edge in many areas, but there is still a rich artistic and culinary culture. . French "c

Are french fries a part of the French culture?

No, they're Belgium. Pommes frites (which is the french name for french fries) were certainly invented by the Belgians over 300 years ago. That doesn't prevent them from bein

What are some French cultural activities?

One of the most fun of the French cultural activities is celebrating Bastille Day , each July 14th, in memory of the French Revolution. Another fun French cultural activity

How is French culture different from American culture?

France's culture is 2,000 years old. It is shaped by history, warsand thousands of years of (mostly rural) life. France produced thephilosophers of the enlightement and numero

Why do people have cultures?

Cultures evolve within groups of people based on many elements of those people's lives, such as family duties and responsibilities, community needs, physical location, and bel