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There is currently no cure for HIV. There is a cocktail that can be administered very quickly after exposure to the virus that may prevent you from contracting it, though. The only solutions for avoiding AIDS are abstinence and practicing safe sex.
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If you get one sign of HIV do you have HIV?

  No. Many of the signs of HIV overlap with signs of other diseases. The best way to determine if you have HIV is to see your doctor and get a quick and easy HIV test.

How is HIV killed?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is unable to live outside the conditions provided inside the human body. There is currently no cure for HIV infection, however there are tre

Can antibiotics prevent HIV?

No they can neither prevent or cure HIV. There is no cure and treatment is done with anti-retrovirals as its a virus not a bacteria.

What are the required chemicals to cure HIV and AIDS?

There is no cure for HIV or AIDS.   The enzymes in an HIV strain are so different, that it would be impossible to make a "chemical" that could target a very specific strai

Will there ever be a cure for HIV?

There is currently only one person who has been cured of HIV; he was cured via an extremely invasive replacement of his bone marrow. This procedure has only a 30% survival rat

Will there ever be a cure for HIV And AIDS?

The current medical research on cures for HIV and AIDS looks very promising. ...However, the current approach of HIV drug maintenance can keep patients alive, at a cost of $

Why can't penicillin cure flu or HIV?

Penicillin is an antibiotic; it fights bacteria. Flu and HIV are  viruses, and antibiotics will not help a viral infection.   Penicillin is effective against some types o

Does Magic Johnson still have HIV?

  Yes, there is still no cure for HIV. Magic Johnson has not been cured of HIV infection. Yes, Magic is still HIV positive.

Is there a cure for HIV?

No, there is no cure for HIV, not as of yet. yes there is a cure. i know someone who had it for 20 years. he got bit by a venomous snake called a water moccasin and was in th

Can Thyme cure HIV?

    There is no clinical cure for HIV/Aids yet. Although, some researchers have discovered that very concentrated thyme oil can deactivate the virus in vetro (test tub

Why is there no cure for HIV?

Because it is a virus that uses the body's own immune system against it. It is difficult to develop a drug that attacks the virus but leaves the body's immune system intact.