What is the cure for HIV?

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There is currently no cure for HIV. There is a cocktail that can be administered very quickly after exposure to the virus that may prevent you from contracting it, though. The only solutions for avoiding AIDS are abstinence and practicing safe sex.
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How can HIV be cured?

There is no known cure for HIV nor AIDS at the moment. There are alot of different kind of meds you must take daily to treat it, andnobody has found a cure for it. It can be fatal without treatment.If you take pills every day you can keep the HIV "virus load" verylow and you can probably remain heal (MORE)

Is it possible to be cured of AIDS or HIV?

Answer There is at this point in time no cure for HIV and AIDS. Once someone gets it, they have it for life. ----------------------- But slajeet is the one can help someone's life or enjoy long life as young peron find more details on http://ganish.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/530808

Will there ever be a cure for HIV?

There is currently only one person who has been cured of HIV; he was cured via an extremely invasive replacement of his bone marrow. This procedure has only a 30% survival rate and is only performed on leukemia patients who are terminally ill, and therefore is not available for the general public. (MORE)

Is there a cure for HIV when its in the bloodstream?

\nThere is no cure for HIV at the moment, but there is a daily medication that stops it multiplying. You can have small traces of the virus in your bloodstream without any problem. It's only if the virus is allowed to multiply in your blood that it can cause problems.

Why isn't there a cure for HIV?

The current approach of HIV drug maintenance can keep patients alive, at a cost of $300 - $2,500 PER PATIENT/PER MONTH *INDEFINITELY*(http://aids.about.com/od/hivmedicationfactsheets/a/drugcost.htm). This profits pharmaceutical companies at approaching $10,000,000,000.00 per year (http://www.aids (MORE)

Is there a cure for HIV AIDS?

no, however there is treatments that will slow the progression down, and help with the symptoms, and there are people trying to come up with a cure everyday. Yes but there is a hope if a human does not have the receptor for HIV virus he will have HIV virus but he will never become AIDS patient. --- (MORE)

Why is there no cure for HIV?

Because it is a virus that uses the body's own immune system against it. It is difficult to develop a drug that attacks the virus but leaves the body's immune system intact.

Will there ever be a cure for HIV And AIDS?

The current medical research on cures for HIV and AIDS looks very promising. ...However, the current approach of HIV drug maintenance can keep patients alive, at a cost of $300 - $2,500 PER PATIENT/PER MONTH *INDEFINITELY* This profits pharmaceutical companies at approaching $10,000,000,000.00 p (MORE)

Can urine therapy cure HIV?

Not by UT itself! But, with proper high potency supplementation, diet, exercise, pure water, sleep, sea salt; absolutely!

Why can't HIV be cured?

HIV cannot be cured yet. The reason for this is because the virus keeps changing. For example: Scientists find a cure for it but in 24 hours it will stop working because the Virus has changed

Why can't penicillin cure flu or HIV?

Penicillin is an antibiotic; it fights bacteria. Flu and HIV areviruses, and antibiotics will not help a viral infection. Penicillin is effective against some types of bacteria. It has noaction against viral infections like influenza (the flu) and HIV.

Is there a cure for HIV?

No, there is no cure for HIV, not as of yet. yes there is a cure. i know someone who had it for 20 years. he got bit by a venomous snake called a water moccasin and was in the hospital for 3 weeks. the doctor told him that there was no sign of hiv in his blood and that he could donate it if he wan (MORE)

What cures HIV?

There are no known cures of HIV known to date. There are manytreatments in hope ot cure HIV developed at the moment.

Can Thyme cure HIV?

\nThere is no clinical cure for HIV/Aids yet. Although, some researchers have discovered that very concentrated thyme oil can deactivate the virus in vetro (test tubes).

Will there be a treatment to cure you if you had HIV?

Once you are diagnosed with HIV, or when HIV enters the bloodstream, there is no known cure in which it eliminates the HIV virus from the bloodstream. Usually when you are diagnosed the doctor will then take a blood test to see how much of the virus is in your body per milimeter of blood and also ho (MORE)

Can HIV and AIDS be cured or treated?

Those infected with HIV should seek the medical care of an Infectious Disease Specialist or other certified medical professional. There are many treatment options available. Though, at present, there is no cure.

Is there any herbal medicine cure for HIV?

HIV is human immuno virus therefore immune system is the subject of this health problem. Now immune system functions is to nuetralise all types of germs meaning no bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites that can cause damage to the immune system. So the question is; How come a virus was able to do dam (MORE)

Why HIV is not cured?

HIV can't be cured because it is a virus, and the only way virus's are destroyed is by the immune system, and because HIV kills the immune systems helper T cells which tell the immune system where there is an infection and that HIV takes over a cell, the virus cannot be stopped with today's medical (MORE)

What are the required chemicals to cure HIV and AIDS?

There is no cure for HIV or AIDS. The enzymes in an HIV strain are so different, that it would be impossible to make a "chemical" that could target a very specific strain. Chemicals can't cure AIDS. AIDS is the body's defence mechanisms failing instead of fighting back infections and so on. To sta (MORE)

Can HIV be cure?

No.HIV it is not curable.YOu can get medicaments that will proleng your life but HIV can be cured or totally eradiceted by human body.

Can HIV medication cure syphilis?

No. Syphilis is caused by a bacterial infection. Treatments for HIV will have no effect on syphilis. Syphilis can generally be treated with antibiotics. If left untreated, syphilis can damage the heart, aorta, brain, eyes, and bones. In some cases these effects can be fatal.

Who was cured of HIV?

No one was cured of HIV. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and since viruses cannot be rid of from one's body, HIV is incurable. It is treatable however, and a person can live a long and healthy life while still having the virus, although it would take a considerable amount of money.

So will there will ever be a cure for this HIV disease?

AIDS/HIV is deadly disease.Because theres is no medicine to cure AIDS/HIV. I found an information that gecko can be cure AIDS/HIV. If it's true, I think this is a wonders of medicine world. But unfortunately I can't get good reference about that. Many people said that gecko as an alternative solutio (MORE)

How close to HIV cure?

aids doesnt have a cure yet even though people think there is. they just give them immune pills so the aids gets weaker on their imune system.

Can HIV be cured with stem cell research?

No. The research won't cure so much as a scratch or a hangnail. You can be definitely certain of that. But there is a substantial chance that the research will discover ways to use stem cells to produce new cells that can treat several diseases and debilitating conditions that are presently in (MORE)

Why did they make the cure for HIV?

So far there is no cure for HIV although a lot of researchers are looking for new ways to target the virus. Current treatment works well enough for most HIV-positive people to expect to live long, health and active lives, providing they have access to treatment.

Can HIV be cured with AZT?

No. AZT is a medicine that when used in a combination with other HIV drugs can be be part of effective treatment.

Have they found a cure for HIV?

no they didnt it cant be cured theres no way its like cancer but theres only one thing you could do you could start a treatment for it and youll feel better and if you dont do that you will die

Can tokay gecko cure hiv?

Eating a tokay gecko to cure H I V is a myth. The people of Malyasia and surrounding area believe eating a tokay gecko will cure illnesses and diesease. This is all false. There is also a believe that it can be used as a Aphrodisiac, this assumption is also false.

Why cant we cure HIV or AIDS?

There is no cure, because no doctor's have found out a cure to HIV/AIDS yet. So they have tried to make cures but the cures have not worked. The HIV Virus mutates regularly; becoming resistant to treatment. Since it is a virus, it modifies the DNA of cells that it attacks (T-cells) so that the p (MORE)

Can you cure HIV 100 percent?

There is no current "cure" for the HIV Virus, the virus which can cause AIDS and other ailments. Antiviral medications have advanced to the point where they can reduce the numbers of active virus detectable in the blood (viral load) to near zero, however, the person is not cured. The virus is sti (MORE)

Why do HIV have no cure?

HIV has been incurable because the antiviral therapies used totreat these viral infections only target replicating viruses. Ininfected patients, some cells have HIV viral genomes latentlypresent, which are not targeted by therapies currently used. . Patients suffering from HIV who undergo HAART the (MORE)

Can HIV be cured with herbals?

No, HIV (which you probably mean, HIV +) can not be cured with herbals. You know why? Because there is NO cure yet for HIV+, even with medicine. BUt being HIV+ does not mean you will get AIDS. There are very good medicines today that will help people who are HIV+ live long, healthy lives. Herbals ar (MORE)

What kind of cures are available to treat HIV?

Unfortunately there are no cures to treat HIV currently, but a number of medical drugs to combat an HIV infection. However, there is hope as Danish scientists at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark are close to finding a cure for HIV.

Is there a secret cure for HIV?

No. Or rather, if there is, it really is a secret. If there were a cure for AIDS, it would earn the researcher who found it instant fame and a Nobel Prize. Probably two of them; one for Medicine, and one for Peace.

What is the other way to cure HIV?

Currently, HIV CAN'T be cured, in ANY way. (although there'sbeen some reports of babies born from HIV-positive motherseventually no longer showing any measurable levels of theinfection) . What CAN be done, with the appropriate, on-going medication, isto control the infection and keep it below the l (MORE)