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Indonesia, or officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, is a country located in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Its currency is the Indonesian rupiah.

Is there tipping in Indonesia?

The answer is "no, but you certainly could and probably should.". It appears that one is not required to tip in Indonesia (I am currently on business there) and my Japanese colleagues insist it is not necessary. However, every taxi driver, waiter, bellhop etc. that I've met clearly wants a tip judging by their tendency to smile expectantly and hang around an extra few seconds until you hand them a couple of small bills. So it seems that one is not required to tip, as in the United States, it is not accurate to say that it is actually not expected, as in Japan.

Where is Indonesia located?

Indonesia is located in South East Asia. no it is not Well than where is it located huh? according to A+ it is and that's all that matters.

Is India in Indonesia?

No India is not in Indonesia, they are 2 totally different countries, about 1,000 miles apart [not counting the Andaman and Nicobar islands (which belong to India) in-between India & Indonesia]. They do however both have coasts on the Indian ocean. India is in south central Asia. Indonesia is a group of islands (the worlds largest archipelago) in extreme southeastern Asia, mostly north but also northwest of Australia.. No! How could you think that?!

How Indonesia get its name?

it comes from Latin, Indus+Nesos ("Indus River"+"Island"), meaning "the islands spanning about the Indus (however, it is quiet obsolete, while Indus is 1,000 km away from Aceh, the nearest point from Indus river)

Who is the king of Indonesia?

Answer \n. \nIndonesia is not a kingdom. Therefore, Indonesia does not have a king. The present President of Indonesia is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) who was elected in the first free and democratic election in 2004. He will be in office for the period of 5 years. The next election presidential election will be in June 2009.

Is Malaysia in Indonesia?

No, of course not. Malaysia is not in Indonesia. But our location is quite close. Malaysia consists of two parts, namely the peninsular and the Borneo part. The peninsular Malaysia is located to the north of Singapore while one of the Indonesian Islands, Sumatra is located to the west of peninsular Malaysia.

Why is Indonesia important?

Indonesia is important because of its culture and its unique instruments. Indonesia is famous for its batiks also. . "Indonesia is an incredibly beautiful country. Perfect tropical, palm-backed beaches, towering volcanoes, intricately terraced hillsides, rich rainforest, world-class coral reefs, alluring whitewater, generous and hospitable people, widely diverse and attractive architectural styles of houses, palaces, mosques, churches, and temples, a great diversity of cultures, each with its own tradition of art, music, dancing, handicrafts, and sports---all invite far more attention than Indonesia has so far received. With its growing economy, the increased recognition of the importance of its rainforests, coral reefs, and associated biodiversity, and the yearning among many people to find the unique and different in an increasingly homogenized world, it is probable that Indonesia will become far better known in the future. Twenty-first century citizens of the world would do well to pay the country more attention.".

What climate does Indonesia have?

Indonesia has a tropical climate. However, compared to the summer of Europe and North America, Indonesia in temperature is less warmer. But it feels warmer because it's humid, and that makes you sweat a lot. Basically, this explains that Indonesia has a wet - tropical climate. What you won't need when you go to Indonesia: 1) If you are wanting and liking tan, then you won't need long sleeved shirts/jackets/or of those kinds (Warm Clothes). But some Indonesians hate tan, and they'd wear thin long sleeved shirts to prevent themselves from getting a darker skin. 2) Blankets, etc. What you need when you go to Indonesia: 1) Water - You're going to dehydrate if you don't drink water. I drank 2 litres of water daily, and it's a must, because you're sweating all the time. You can buy this everywhere and anywhere, anyhow, but it's okay to have your own bottle water. 2) Sun Block, or any of these stuff, that is is you're sunbathing or going to the beach.. 3) I don't know what are they called, but they're in a kind of plastic bottle that have liquid in them that if you spread them on your skin, it will prevent you form getting bitten by flies. This is good (esp. when you go to the forests, or outdoor even), even the local Indonesians wear this when needed. Hope this helps..

What is Indonesia famous for?

It has the Most active volcanoes in the world and that is around 150. It Has 17,508 Islands which only around 6000 are inhabited. And it held one of the biggest eruptions in History...The eruption of Krakatoa.

Is Indonesia overcrowded?

Yes, Indonesia is overcrowded. By 2007 the population is already 234,693,997 . And it is still rapidly growing..

Capitol of Indonesia?

The capital and largest city in the country of Indonesia isJakarta. The population of the capital city is just over 9.7million.

Is Polynesia in Indonesia?

No, Polynesia, from the Greek meaning 'Many Islands' is a sub-region of Oceania made up of thousands of small islands. None of Polynesia is in Indonesia. Most of the islands are independent nations, but some are overseas territories, like American Samoa, French Polynesia, Pitcairn Island (UK). Others are part of countries, like Easter Is (Chile), Hawaii (US), Anuta (Solomon Is) and Nuguria (Papua Niugini).

What is the beliefs of Indonesia?

Mostly moslem, there are minority roman catholic , protestan , buddha and hindus ( Balinese hindu ) . Small minority belief are something spirituality

Where in Indonesia?

Indonesia is north of Australia, southeast of Philippines and south of Malaysia. I hope that answers your question. sucks

What is bahasa Indonesia?

Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia. It is generally used by its citizen along with traditional languages like Makassarnese, Buginese, Javanese, Balinese, etc.

What is a currency?

Currency is a means of measuring the value of any item in a country. For example in India the cost of petrol is Rs. 49/- per litre which means in Indian currency one litre of petrol is worth 49 units. similarly in the US it is Dollar, in Europe it is Euro etc.. Or it could be simply be said as money used as a form of exchange. in lapland you use euros

Is there a desert in Indonesia?

\nNo, there is no desert in Indonesia. Indonesia is a tropical country. It's only have 2 season. Dry Season and Rain Season.

How did the Dutch get Indonesia?

they went there by sailboat in the "golden age" somewhere in 1600 1700 to look for spices and gold. then they desided to stay. to easy NEXT!

Was there a tasnami in Indonesia?

There has been a lot of Tsunami's in Indonesia, as they are right on the Equator they are on what some call the 'Ring of Fire', which basically means they are more prone to natural disaster's than some. Glad to be of even a little bit of assistance hun ;)

Indonesia visa how to get?

Go to Indonesian Embassy (if Indonesia does not offer visa-on-arrival to the citizen of your country).

Who are the enemies of Indonesia?

There are diplomatic tensions between Indonesia and Malaysia. Which is causing their major allies (Dutch, United Kingdom, French, United States, etc) to worry, because most of Indonesia's major allies like Malaysia too. However, the major allies are having to slowly back away from Indonesia, because the country is actually showing signs of increased global hostility, particularly if it involves oil and gas. In recent years, some of the relations with their major western allies (United Kingdom, United States, Canadian and Australian) have turned a little foul, because Indonesia has been exposed to practice human rights violations. Indonesia needs to clean up their human rights violations and obey international human rights laws - because they cannot afford to lose their alliance with the United Kingdom and United States - because the UK and US are Indonesia's only international defence against terrorism. Other enemies are: . West Papuan activists . Al Qaeda terrorists

Is Indonesia a democracy?

"yes, Indonesia is a democracy" Well, sure.That's what Indonesians believe in, and that's what's recorded onpapers. But papers can lie. This isn't auseless little rant. You see Malaysia and Brunei's governments areIslamic theocracies, and they are more stable than the "democracy"we got running in Indonesia. You see, Indonesians claim they havean "Islamic democracy", and just to admit what kind of "democracy"is "Islamic"? Indonesia's governing style, is all of Islamic lawaka "Shariah Law" (this is bull). This goes against all the ethicsof a democracy. A democracy means "power to the people", ALLPEOPLE. In Indonesia, Christians aren't even allowed to hold oathin high office positions (this is another bull. this apply the sameof having a Muslim becoming a President in Philippine or USA. itmay happen, but will take time. current highest position by aChristian now is a Province Governor. Christian becoming a Ministeris a non issue since long ago). In a democratic nation, you can bepresident and worship Darth Vader for anyone cares as long as youcan keep the rights of the nations and the people's voice at hand.If Indonesia was a democratic nation, the army would be helpingthose getting persecuted and having their democratic rightsoppressed. Christians who preach in Bahasa Melayu or BahasaIndonesia get ARRESTED and IMPRISONED (yet another bull. go checkthe fact. I'm not going to elaborate here). No democratic nationwould arrest its people just because they are preaching theirreligious beliefs to THEIR OWN followers. Also, when churches are getting raided by angry goons, thearmy just sits back and watch. Then when the Christians run out oftheir burning churches, then the soldiers shoot and chase afterthem (Not representing the real picture. Check facts i.e. Malinoagreements, etc.). Does this sound like a "demoracy" to you? So yeah, you can forget about calling Indonesia a"democracy". What is really embarrassing is Malaysia and Brunei'sgovernments admit that they are Islamic theocracies, but they don'tgo chasing after innocent Christians or Hindus like a bunch ofgoons. In fact, Malaysia even celebrates RELIGION FREEDOM. (Gocheck with Malaysian Christian Chinese or Hndus first before makingthis wide claim. In Indonesia at least a Muslim could switchreligion freely.) Indonesia is NOT ademocracy. This isn't anti-Muslim propaganda or anything, butIndonesia is an Islamic DICTATORSHIP (Oh, please). Martial law andShariaw Law combined which is pure H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS. (Isthis Answer.com standard of quality? Bull... For reader who wish toget the answer, better check Wikipedia i.e. History of Indonesia atthe Independence section)

When was Indonesia founded?

It dates back to the 11th century when Majapahit Kingdom's territory ranged from Siam to Pacific Melanesian. Republic of Indonesia's independence day is celebrated on 17 August and de-facto independence was gained on 27 December 1949

How wide is Indonesia?

Indonesia is an extremely vast country. The distance from the eastto the west of the country is about the same distance as thedifference between San Francisco and New York City, or about 2,500miles.

What are the negatives about Indonesia?

A negative about Indonesia is that the traffic is really bad, especially during rush hour, when everyone's trying to get to work and drop their kids to school.

What to do and not to do in Indonesia?

To do: - Bow your head when walking in front of people who are sitting. Even better if you say 'excuse me'. - Smile back when someone smile at you. And if that someone starts bothering you with the smile or the stare, don't jump at the conclusion. - Start running away when you see several high school students gather in the afternoon and run at one direction. Run faster if adults decide to take this matter with their own hands. - Always give street musicians some coins, but if they swarm, raise you hand in a short message of 'no'. Not to do: - Raising you voice to a Javanese, especially if it's a person above 30. You can recognize them with their soft-spokeness to the point of mumbling, unless they angry. - Throwing anything away, whether it's a garbage, spit, or your own biological waste, in a silent and abandoned places. Because no matter how alone you seemed, there's someone watching.

What continant is Indonesia in?

Indonesia is located in Asia, the Southeast Asian region. Located south of Malaysia, west of East Timor and south of Singapore. Indonesia is also in Oceania, since it has so many islands and some of the islands reach into the Oceanic region of Melanesia.

How can you say how are you in Indonesia?

"Apa kabar" is "how are you" in Indonesian. A common reply would bebaik baik saja, which means Im doing good or ok. Keep in mind thisis bahasa Indonesia which is the common language that most everyonein Indonesia speaks. There are different sublanguages in Indonesia.The most common one in Java, Indonesia's main island, is Jawa.

What is Indonesia popular for?

Indonesia is popular for their food, and dragon dancing. dragon dancing can be found in Benigo also, at a festival. To train for it, they run 18 laps of the oval first WOAH!!

What is the Garuda in Indonesia?

Garuda is a mythical bird in Hindu/Indian mythology. Indonesia's coat of arm, the Garuda Pancasila, is a garuda bird with a shield that depicts 5 values of Pancasila. Moreover, the flagship carrier of Indonesia is named Garuda Indonesia.

What is Memek Indonesia about?

Memek Indonesia is an independent film regarding the social and cultural norms of early 19th century Indonesia. In particular, it looks into the political era of the time.

Why does Indonesia have earthquakes?

Indonesia is located near the borders of the Eurasian and Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate zones. Subduction will happen from the plates rubbing together causing earthquakes in Indonesia