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What is the current Italian government?

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As of 13 Nov 2011 the Italian government is in process of major change of leadership.
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Why did Mussolini government appeal to Italians?

Mussolini used his cult of personality along with the fear of  communism many Italians harbored to gain widespread acceptance of  Fascism. In addition, causing chaos in the

What is the Italian government system?

Parliamentary republic is the governmental system by which the Italian Republic operates. The Italian people elect the 630 member Chamber of Deputies, and the 315 member Sena

Who was the leader of the Italian government?

The leader of the Italian government is the President of the Italian Republic. Giorgio Napolitano [b. June 29, 1925] is the 11th such president. His term began on May 15, 2006

What was the government during the Italian Renaissance?

The main type of government used in Italian city-states during the Renaissance was a series of oligarchies ruled by specific families, such as the Medici family or the Borgia

What is the current Italian currency?

The euro is the current Italian currency. Italy is a member of the European Union. Use of the euro isn't a requirement of EU membership. For example, Sweden is an EU member

Who is the current government?

We cannot answer this question without more explanation of what you  want to know. The U.S. government is made up of three branches: the  executive brand (the president), th

What is 'current language' when translated from English to Italian?

Lingua attuale is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "current language." Specifically, the feminine noun lingua means "language, tonguer." The feminine/masculine