What is the current value of an American 1 oz gold 1980 Commemorative Arts Series Grant Wood coin?

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Its value is based only on the gold it contains -- currently about $680 Current gold prices can be found at www.kitco.com
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What is the current value of 1 oz of gold?

The value of something has a meaning only in an exchange with something else. Usually it is expressed in a well established currency. It is also about 8 barrels of petrol.. A

What is the value of a Grant Wood gold coin?

Answer . The Grant Wood Gold coin was issued by the US Mint as part of the American Arts series. It is one ounce of gold. The minimum value of the coin is the spot price of

Willa Cather American Arts Commemorative coin 1981 gold?

If I understand your question, you are asking if these coins are made of gold. Yes they are made of gold, but they are not technically coins because they have no monetary valu

What is the value of a Mark Twain American arts gold commemorative coin?

According to an article at the US Mint, these coins are 90% goldand 10%alloy The American Arts Gold Medallions (technically theyare medallions, not coins, although they were m

What is the current value of a 1984 British 1 oz. gold angel coin PF69?

Gold was fixed at £832 a Troy Ounce on 1st October 2010 in London. Your coin, assuming it is gold and probably alloyed with copper i.e. 22 carat, is worth around £900 -

What is the value of a gold coin that is 1 oz pure gold?

The price of gold 1oz is set once or twice a day by London. If you go to a teller in the Canadian Bank of Nova Scotia which sells coins, the teller will look it up in that day
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How much is the 1 oz Gold American Eagle coin?

The price of the 1 oz Gold American Eagle coin varies considerably. This is because it is based on the price of gold which fluctuates daily and intra-day. Other considerations
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What is the value of 1 oz gold coins?

The value of 1 ounce coins varies from day to day, as the spot price changes, as well as the premium, depending on the coin. However, today, at the end of June, a Krugerrand c