What is the darkest skin color?

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Solid black.

What is the darkest color?

For reflective colors, black is the darkest (in this case, it is a color). For light, their is no darkest color, because all can have equally dim brightness. However, the least illuminating colors are the red (lowest frequency).

What color is skin?

it depends on your race. if your are black than your skin is brown. if you are white than your skin is peach or if you got a tan, tan. i am not raciest.

What color of skin do Welsh people have?

The native Welsh probably had skin tones ranging from a very fair shade to an almost Mediterranean shade (e.g. the Silures). Of course, Wales is more diverse today, and people of many skin colors are residents.

Can you get Color tattoo on dark skin?

Yes. Depending on the tone of your skin, you may need to stay away from light colors. Deep jewel tones are often used effectively on darker skin. Consult a professional tattooist in person for better answers.. Yes: When it comes to adding Color to Darker Skin a more important factor is Skin under t (MORE)

Can MSM lighten skin color?

Yes, MSM will lighten the skin color. However, it will do sopermanently. It is not recommended that you use MSM for skinlightening unless you speak to your physician first.

What color of skin does a red panda have?

The red pandas skin is reddish- brownish. Their body hair is darker than their head. they have peach cheecks some people call teardrops because where its located and shaped as.

What is the darkest red hair color?

this is kind of a stupid question cuz i'd need more info on what brand you'd use and ur natural hair colour but heres a link of what i'd say is the darkest hair colour is... 112A: http://www.clairol.co.uk/niceneasy/shade-chart/ hope ive helped you (: xoxo

Why is your skin the color it is?

it depends where you were born like if you born in Africa your skin would be black because of the sun and heat a bit like a tan. and that's gods way

What colors make skin color?

1.white skin usually includes just (white). 2.light tan usually includes a (light brown) and a little (white). 3.for black it deppends, for a light shade of black it's (black) with a touch of (brown) and for a dark skin color it's just black

What colors the skin?

The amount of melamine in the skin determines the color of the skin. Skin pigmentation is determined by melanin concentrations. Whether an individual is African or Caucasian, there is always melanin involved. (Only albinos lack melanin.) Well, you can have it, olive, brown, peachy yelowy colour blac (MORE)

Why is skin the color it is?

Skin color depends on the amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a pigment that helps protect skin cells form the sun and makes the skin darker or lighter. Those who have albinism have either very little melanin or none at all.

What is color his color of his skin?

There are a variety of human skin colors. His skin could be whitelike snow, black like coal, or any shade in between. If you arereferring to your pet lizard or baboon there are even more skincolors possible.

What hormone determins skin color?

Hormones have nothing to do with human skin color. Melanin, a pigment, determines skin color by the amount of it present in the skin. The more melanin, the darker the skin.

What is a good color on pale skin?

I am pale and EVERYONE tells me I am pale... what I usually wear are some of these colors Green white black tan pink Some of those colors are good for pale skin :)

Why do dinosaurs skin color change?

Well to start they had scales or feathers, not bare skin. But also, humans have no proof of what the colors of dinosaur scales/feathers were since they decompose unlike the bones. They only have evidence of scales/feathers because of imprints in the rocks by the fossils. However, the chameleon can c (MORE)

How do you change your skin color on stardoll?

Okay, well if you do am not like your skin color and you need to change it...but you do not know how. Well I am here to help. Okay well to change your skin color all you have to do it press the house in your suite, then you will click the room next to your first room (bottom right). Then at at the (MORE)

Why do eskimos have dark colored skin?

But Inuits vitamin D intake wasn't dependent upon the sun. They get all that they need from their diet, heavy on types of fatty fish that are naturally rich in vitamin D. The plentiful amounts of the vitamin kept them from developing less melanin. In fact, before milk was fortified with D, people li (MORE)

What is the skin color of the green lantern?

The main character Hal Jordan's skin color is Caucasian. His other green lantern companions from Earth, Guy Gardner and Kyle Raynor are also Caucasian. The green lanterns from Earth that are not Caucasian are John Stewart and the more recent Simon Baz who are both African American.

Can you change your skin color on Poptropica?

You can if you bought the card Colorize( costs 250 credits ), or use this cheat: ctrl+shift+s. OR you can go to early poptropica and take a left to a guy with balloons and click the color and if he does not have the color you like go back to the pop art museum and re-enter again and the colors just (MORE)

Is the color of shamus skin real?

Yes because it would take a lot of makeup to get him that color every night, and it would just rub off in his matches if if was makeup.

What are the different skin color?

Actually, there is only one color of skin! All variations in skin "tone" are due to the amount of a chemical called melanin. This chemical forms in the surface of the skin and is thought to be a way for the body to protect itself from too much sun. I have seen people that have obvious traits of a ra (MORE)

Where do you change skin color in runescape?

If you go to the west of Falador, you will see an icon on the World Map which shows Makeover Mage (alternativley, you could just search for the Makeover Mage on the world map and press enter). For a small fee of 3k, she allows you to change your skin color and/or change your gender.

What are the primary colors from lightest to darkest?

There are three primary colors used in the fine arts, blue, red and yellow. We call them primary colors because they cannot be created by using any other colors and it is possible to make almost any other color by using combinations of them. Black and white pigments are used to lighten and darken th (MORE)

Which colors mix to make skin color?

Skin colour is the most difficult colour to recreate, mix together a very light yellow and pink. Add very small amounts of pink into the yellow, until you have your desired shade. This takes alot of trial and error so be patient. Edited: It all depends on what ethnicity you are trying to recreate. (MORE)

How do you make your skin lighter in color?

First of all, having dark skin is beautiful. In fact, many Americans and Europeans are finding ways to achieve a darker skin color, and yet, all they get is a temporary sunburn or redness on the skin, and a few weeks later, they're back to being fair-skinned. However, if having a fairer complexio (MORE)

Where does your skin get color?

Your skin gets its colour from the amount of melanin present in your skin as determined by your genetic makeup, and this comes from your parents.

What colors mixed make skin color?

There are a lot of different skin colors.... Yellow ochre and alizarine crimson make one, or burnt siena and white. For darker skin colors, add burnt umber. It's best to make swatches, and hold them to your subject's face. also very helpful: a green earth underpainting. A skin color painte (MORE)

What to colors make skin color?

for pail skin you can mix orange pink and white the pink and orange give you a peach like colour which gives the effect of a slight tan