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What is the decibel of a baby's cry?

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What early Meryl Streep film includes a mother smothering her baby's cry to prevent being detected by soldiers?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThere was a story line in the final episode of M*A*S*H that had this in it.\n. \n Quigley \n. \nQuigley down under. Starring Tom Selleck

Why do we cry?

When we have a specific emotion that causes us to cry whether it's happiness , or sadness, we basically have an over reaction in the year ducts causing us to cry, because of t

What is decibel?

A decibel is a unit of measurement which is used to indicate how loud a sound is. Continuous exposure to sound above 80 decibels could be harmful. a unit for measuring the lou

Do baby's cry in the stomach?

Yes they do. They experience every emotion you do. They hear every thing. When you drink pop it sounds like fire crackers to them. They also get scared. Well maybe not scared

What is a decibel?

A unit used to express relative difference in power or intensity, usually between two acoustic or electric signals, equal to ten times the common logarithm of the ratio of the

How do you have baby's?

The traditional way is to have unprotected sex, but you can also adopt, do in-vetro fertilization, foster parenting, artificial insemination, and many other procedures. Talk t

How do you get baby's?

Well babies are caused by having intercourse with the opposite sex. The female can supplies an egg and the man have the sperm. When combined the egg is fertilized and begins g
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How does a decibel reader detect decibels?

A SPL meter is a sound pressure level meter where a microphone diaphragm is moved by the sound pressure variations and the voltage output of the microphone is shown at a voltm

Why do people say they slept like a baby when baby's wake up in the middle of the night crying?

because some people are very odd but it does not matter but when you had a good sleep you say "oh wow I slept like a baby" well really you didn't because well they wake up cry

Does crying strengthen a baby's lungs?

No, crying actually decreases lung capacity because the baby is  working so hard to tell you something is wrong that they're not  breathing as much as they should be.