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Child that has been ordered, retroactively, back to the breakup of the parents, or the birth of the child, up to the statutory limits of the state, and determinant on whether this involves a divorce or paternity case.

In a divorce, it is retroactive back to the breakup of the parents. This is the same in cases where the parents were simply cohabiting. However, in cases where the parents had never been a couple, the retroactive amount can be up to 21 years worth, depending on the state. Further, depending on the state, the claim can be filed up until the child turns age 23. Knowledge of the existence of the child by the paternal parent is not a mandatory requirement under the laws of the states that allow this, but could be a consideration by the courts.
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Can back child support be collected after child is 18?

If you're asking about retroactive support (support due for a period prior to the entry of the first order), no. If you're asking about past-due support (unpaid support that a

Does back child support go to the overaged child or to the parent?

The custodial parent, it is assumed that he or she supported the child with their income.  If however a state agency was involved in the support of the child that agency woul

Can you file bankruptcy on back child support?

You can file a chpt. 13 so that you can catch up and pay the arrears through the chpt. 13 payment plan. However, child support payments MUST be 100% PAID IN FULL. The only exc

Can you get a passport if you owe back child support?

NO! I helped a friend through this very same process. The only way he was able to get the passport was to pay back child support. You will need to resolve this issue before th

If you paid child support and child is 20 years old can you get the child support back?

Depends on your state laws. Some states have laws that any overpaid child support can be requested from the parent who received the support and if not, you can sue them for th

Do you have to pay back child support for a child you never knew about?

Yes. If you have been determined to be the father the court can assess back child support depending on state laws. The mother may have been recently made aware that she is ent

Can a 401k be garnished for back child support?

No Benefits and refunds payable by pension or retirement funds are exempt and not subject to deduction orders. 735 ILCS 5/12-804. See also the exemptions listed in the section

Can back disability payment be garnished for back child support?

yes Garnishment of Disability Benefits for Child Support and/or Alimony The Law Offices of LaVan & Neidenberg receive many inquiries about the court's ability to garnish a v

How can you get your back payment in child support?

Retroactive support (support for a period prior to the entry of an order for support) is generally awarded or denied when the original support order is entered. If you mean un

Is back child support owed if you paid child support?

This assumes that you're asking about retroactive support (support due for a period prior to the entry of the first order), not unpaid support that accrued as the result of an