What is the definition of 'pastoral romance'?

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A Pastoral ROmance is a type of poetry.
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What is the definition of al pastor in Tacos al pastor?

al pastor . Al pastor meat is, apparently, marinated before cooking. i just ate some delicious carnitas al pastor which the kind lady in the lunch wagon apologized for beca

What is pastoralism?

Pastoralism is the practice of herding as the primary economic activity of a society.

What does a pastor do?

A pastor does many, many things; largely depending on the congregation's size and whether or not there are more than one pastor. If the church is large and there is multiple p

What is the definition of metrical romance?

A metrical romance is a poem that tells a story that ends happily, whether love is involved or not. The Norman first brought this Metrical Romans into England. And it became s

What is pastor?

The spiritual "shepherd" (leader, mentor, servant) of a Christian church.

What is the definition of pastoral poem?

A Pastoral poem is one in which country characters, usually shepherds, discuss the big questions about life and love. The notion that simple rural folk have a profound underst

Do you have to have a pastor?

The word "pastors" is only in the New Testament once. The word "pastor" in its singular use is never used. No one person in the New Testament is called a pastor. This term and

What is the definition of a bi-vocational pastor?

A bi-vocational pastor is an ordained minister who follows the model of the Apostle Paul (Acts 20:34) by offering ministry without expectation of remuneration, instead supplyi

What is the definition of each of the following Tragedy Romance Comedy Historical?

Romance --not necessarily because it is "romantic," but because it's an adventure where the hero and heroine get what they want . In Terminator II , the Terminator, lik
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What is 'pastoral?

pastoral is anything to do with the country side
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What is the definition of a Regency Romance novel?

A Regency Romance novel is a novel which takes place during the British Regency which was from the years 1811 to 1820. They have plots that are different enough from typical r