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It is when a persons relative pays a debt that the person is unable to pay. Jesus is called our kinsman redeemer, because He came to the earth in the form of a man (thus "related" to us) & paid the price for our debt of sin, which we could not pay. The law requires that a sinner be punished by death for their sins. The Bible says All have sinned & come short of the Glory of God. In other words, we are all sinners and have not been able to lay hold on Gods glory. Jesus being sinless died in our place to redeem us from hell. You aren't a recipiant of His payment until you are saved. Read the book of Ruth in the King James Bible to see an account of a kinsman redeemer on the physical level. Read in the New Testament & pray that God will cause you to see it in a spiritual sense & lead you to salvation which is through Jesus Christ & Him alone.
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