What is the definition of a high point in a hydronic heating system?

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This means the highest point which the piping attains. typically referring to where trapped air will go and be vented or bled out.
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What is the definition of dry heat sterilization?

Dry Heat Sterilization by Devansh . Dry-heat sterilization is generally a less complicated process than steam sterilization; it is, however, relatively slow and requires higher temperatures and/or longer exposure times. This is because of the fact that microbial lethality is lower with dry heat t (MORE)

Definition of heat stress?

heat stress disorder a group of conditions due to overexposure to or overexertion in excess environmental temperature . It includes heat cramps , which are non-emergent and treated by salt replacement; heat exhaustion , which is more serious, treated with fluid and salt replacement; (MORE)

What is the definition of heat?

A simple definition of heat is the degree of warmth or hotness. *the earth science definition*- The average Kinetic energy of a substance. Kinetic energy is energy at motion. Potential energy is energy at rest.

What is the definition of 'heat transmissibility'?

This accounts for heat conducted directly through a building envelope. If heat transfer is outwards (warmer temp inside than outside), negative. If heat transfer is inwards (warmer temp outside than inside), then transmissibility is positive.

Definition of rally point system?

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What is the definition of heat or how can you define heat?

a transfer of energy causing particles to create friction which then causes heat *the earth science definition*- The average Kinetic energy of a substance. Kinetic energy is energy at motion. Potential energy is energy at rest. Answer Heat is energy in transit from a body at a higher tempera (MORE)

The definition of heat?

warmness *the earth science definition*- The average Kinetic energy of a substance. Kinetic energy is energy at motion. Potential energy is energy at rest.

What is the definition of heat equator?

The thermal equator (also known as "the heat equator") is a belt encircling the Earth, defined by the set of locations having the highest mean annual temperature at each longitude around the globe.

Should you insulate your hydronic heat pipes in the basement?

If the basement has ventilation to outside, the answer is yes. Heat loss from the pipes will escape outside the house. If the basement is closed to the outside then no, the pipes need not be insulated. Any heat lost from the pipes will provide some heating to the basement that will rise into the (MORE)

How does the structure of water explain its high boiling point and high heat of vaporization?

Water contains two hydrogens and one oxygen atom. It is bent in the shape of an "L". The position of the hydrogen allows the hydrogen to interact with other highly electronegative atoms in other molecules. Oxygen is a highly electronegative atom. The hydrogen forms hydrogen bonds with other water mo (MORE)

What is the difference between an open and closed system in hydronic heating?

Closed system implies that the system is under some pressure and the fluid is not exposed to the ambient air. Home systems are usually set at 12psi.. An open system is exposed to the air with a holding or storage tank at the highest point. An open system needs to be built with parts and materials t (MORE)

What is the definition of point?

Point: (noun): the tapered, sharp end of an object; a dot or single location (verb): to direct attention to something, usually by using your finger to aim at it A spatial point is a location defined on two (or three) axes, having no actual size.

What is the definition of passive solar heating?

Glass windows provide passive solar heating for buildings. Sunlight passes through the glass and is absorbed by surfaces in the building. It is transferred into heat energy, which is emitted as infrared radiation. This is reflected back into the building by the glass.

Why does water have a relatively high boiling point and heat of vaporization?

Because the bond between the O atom and H atom is very polar and the shape of the molecule is in a bent configuration (think a Mickey Mouse hat from Disney World) this places the center of the partial positive charge between the two H atoms and the corresponding partial negative charge on the O atom (MORE)

What is the definition of systems?

A system can be defined as a network or set of things that create a whole. Systems are commonly referred to in relation to computers and other technological devices.

Do pex fittings in a hydronic heating system significantly effect volume?

Depends on how many fittings you will be using. If we're talking 1/2" - 1" and less than 20 fittings the volume will be changed neglagibly. If we're talking larger diameter pipe or lots of fittings you could see a noticible change in volume but not a lot. Unless the system has thousands of feet of p (MORE)

What is a hydronic system?

A boiler with a circulating pump and pipes to convey heating water around a house, through radiators or underfloor pipes.

What is the definition of heat and thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics deals with the equilibrium states of matter and can be extended to define the driving forces for changes from one equilibrium state to another when a system is subjected to external changes. When a system changes from one equilibrium state to another, thermodynamics also helps to dete (MORE)

What is the scientific definition for heat?

When something feels hot it is in fact radiating long wave radiation. (Infra-red radiation) as to put a definition on heat I would say that heat is energy emitted by a source as infra-red. This is my first answer so I hope it was helpful :)

Why choose Hydronic heating?

Hydronic heating makes the most sense in new construction where you will heat the entire house with the radiant floor heating system and have room for all the mechanical equipment and a source of fuel other than electricity.

Does heat flow from high heat to low heat or low heat to high heat?

A fundamental concept of thermodynamics is that heat will flow from where it is hot to where it is cool. Another way to say this is that heat moves from where it's hot to where it's not. This is always the case, and is the driving force behind the flow or movement of thermal energy. . Something th (MORE)

Why does H2O have high such values for its specific heat and boling point?

H2O has high values for its specific heat and boiling point because it is made up of hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds are the strongest type of intermolecular forces. Hydrogen bonds occur whenever hydrogen bonds with fluorine, oxygen, or nitrogen. Since they are the strongest type of bonds, it takes m (MORE)

How do air get in to hydronic heating system?

True hydronic baseboard heat has an opening at both the top and the bottom of the wall unit with a finned copper tube running down its length. Because hot air is less dense than cold air, the hot air naturally rises. As heat is absorbed in the air surrounding the finned copper tube, it rises and flo (MORE)

What is delta t in a hydronic system?

Delta T is the change in temperature in air or water as it goes through a heat exchanger coil. For a constant capacity, the flow of the fluid is inversely proportional to the delta T (i.e. as the flow of the fluid increases the delta T of the fluid decrease and vice versa)

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What is definition lateent heat?

Latent means hidden. Let us imagine that we have placed a container with water on a stove. A thermometer is inserted to note down the temperature now and then. As heat is handed over to the water in the container, its temperature rises. Say initially the temperature was 20 deg celcius. Now the tempe (MORE)

Is a heat conductor a material with a high melting point?

A heat conductor is a material that readily transports heat from one location to another through the process of conduction. Some materials with high melting points are actually good insulators and very poor heat conductors, whole some materials with low melting points may be good conductors.

What is the definition of 'on point'?

"On point" is to be "on the point" of doing something, which is usually well understood. People will often explain something to another to make them understand a particular situation or thing, and they will respond by saying "get the point?" Also, In military parlance, to "be on point" is to assume (MORE)

What is the definition of the term 'latent heat'?

Latent heat is the amount of energy that is needed to change the state of matter. Either from a solid to a liquid, from a liquid to gas or vice versa. For example if you boil a kettle of water, energy or latent heat is added to the water from the element within the kettle. The water will heat up and (MORE)

What is the definition of the word 'hydronic'?

Hydronics is the use of liquid water for transferring heat in temperature heating or cooling systems. Hydronics is used in steam engines in the past, and is used in many car engines today.

What is the definition for a system?

A system is any set of things that work together to form a whole.Some examples are ecosystems, political systems, organ systems,weather systems, and transportation systems.

Specific heat definition?

The heat required to raise the temperature of the unit mass of agiven substance by a given amount (usually one degree).

Is Hydronic Heating comformatable for home lifie?

Yes Hydronic heating systems is the best way to provide most comfortable environment around your home. And they are virtually silent & long lasting. Hydronic heating panels Melbourne are very effective in these days because they can be easily controlled by the humans and provides various heating opt (MORE)