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A wildlife sanctuary is an area specially designated where it is illegal to interfere in anyway with the natural life there. Hunting, shooting and fishing would be prohibited.

sanctuary is a place where killing or capturing of any animal is prohibited except under orders of the authorities concerned. they provide protection and optimum living conditions to wild animals.
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Wildlife Sanctuary as an international resources-?

A wildlife sanctuary can be an international resource because they  generate a good amount of tourism. In addition to this, a wildlife  sanctuary is a symbol of a countries

Why is Wildlife Sanctuary important?

A wildlife sanctuary is important because investing in nature has  benefits far beyond anything as short sighted as profit. Protecting  animals from extinction ensures futur

Why wildlife sanctuary is important?

Wildlife sanctuaries are protected habitats for local plant and animal species. They protect species from habitat destruction, hunting, and other things that harm the species,

Which is the largest wildlife sanctuary of India?

Probably Sunderbans, West Bengal The Great Indian Bustard is largest Sanctuary of India located at Maharashtra and its area is approx 8496.4 km and established in the 1979 Sun

What are wildlife sanctuaries?

wildlife sanctuary is a place where animals are kept in their habitats. they are protected by hunters.

Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries of the world?

Yellowstone National Park is America's first and most famous Wildlife Sanctuary, originally referred to as 'Colter's Hell'. The park itself is the centerpiece of the Greater Y

Why do we need wildlife sanctuaries?

Wildlife sanctuaries are needed to give wild animals a place to  live. They need a area that won't be bulldozed down for a store and  one that has all necessities for the ma

Types of wildlife sanctuary?

One type of wildlife sanctuary is a protected are of land. In such  an area, nobody would be allowed to hunt. In another type, an  expanse of water would be protected, disal