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It means shocked, or amazed, to the point of speechlessness.
Being dumbfounded is an extreme form of being surprised or caught off guard.
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Use dumbfounded in a sentence?

Even a normally talkative person can be dumbfounded by a highly negative response to his assertions.

Is dumbfounded a compound word?

Yes, dumbfounded is a compound word. They can be two separate words, so it is a compound word. Dumb + Founded = Dumbfounded. I hope that answers your question. Cha Cha!

Is dumbfounded an adjective?

Yes it is. From the outdated meaning of dumb (speechless),  dumbfounded means rendered unable to act or speak, as when startled  or awed.

What is a sentence using dumbfounded in it?

When our boss announced her resignation, the entire staff was completely dumbfounded. We knew he had no clue about the surprise party because he looked completely dumbfounded.

How would you use dumbfound in a sentence?

I would never use the word. I would change it to "dumbfounded", as in "She was dumbfounded by the boys' strange behavior." Dumbfounded just means astonished or amazed. Being d
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What is an adjective for dumbfound?

The participles of the verb "to dumbfound" are dumbfounding and  dumbfounded. The choice would depend on whether the noun is  performing the action or responding to it, with