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Food spoilage is the deterioration in the color, flavor, odor, or consistency of a food product. Food can deteriorate as a result of 2 things: the growth of microorganisms, and/or the action of enzymes
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What is spoilage of food?

Food spoilage is anything that affects the appearance, texture, smell, and taste of a food. It is caused by spoiling microbes that reproduce on the food and break it down.

How does a refrigerator delay spoilage of food?

Food spoils the fastest between the temperatures of 40oF and 140oF, therefore foods in preparation should not be kept at these temperatures. A refrigerator is below 40oF. ba

Definition and causes of spoilage of landscape?

disposal of industrial solid wastes is a major source of soil pollution.industrial wastes are mainly discharged by mineral mining,papermills,sugarmills,fertilizers manufacturi

What is spoilage food?

food spoilage is the contamination of food by micro organism thereby rendering the food useless and unconsumable,at times causing disease to the people dat consume them..

Why does food wrapping affect spoilage?

well it does cause when you put a apple in the open it starts to brownian mole its because it holds in air a and air has bacteria in it and it gets on the apple and feeds off

Effects of food spoilage?

Spoiled food can cause different sicknesses if eaten, depending on  how spoiled and the type of food. Some people develop stomach  viruses from eating spoiled food.

How can you detect food spoilage?

The following detectors indicate spoilage in food:Odour : Food gets spoiled due to bacteria, that gives out foul odour or repulsive smell. It happens only when bacteria breaks