What is the definition of historical context?

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It's to place an event or situation in a given period of time or era .
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What is the historical context in Jane Eyre?

Answer . Early 1800's England.. Jane Eyre takes place in 19th Century England, though we are never specifically told where in England it is. We're talking about fictitious towns throughout England, throughout the novel. It also takes place during the heyday of imperialism, which is where the who (MORE)

What is the definition for historical context?

Historical context is the political, social, cultural, and economic setting for a particular idea or event. In order to better understand something in history, we must look at its context--those things which surround it in time and place and which give it its meaning. In this way, we can gain, among (MORE)

What is the historical context of the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre, also known to the British as the Incident onKing Street, was an incident in 1770 wherein British Army soldierskilled 5 male civilians and injured six others. This small group ofsoldiers had been stationed in Boston in 1768 to help the Britishking's officials attempt to enforce u (MORE)

What is the historical context for Wordsworth and Coleridge?

Firstly, they're both English poets from the 19th century and belong to the Romantic movement - emphases of emotion over reason and imagination over rationalism. They're also both Anglican and their devotion is evident in their works (note Wordsworth's It is a beauteous evening; calm and free) Coler (MORE)

What is the caste system and its historical context?

The caste system was an oppressive hierarchical social system designed by the ancient rulers and religious leaders of India. That system was economically similar to other equivalent systems of the highly developed civilizations of the world. The caste system is equivalent to the class system that is (MORE)

Historical context of Salem and McCarthyism?

In both cases, a topic that brought fear to the people at the time(in Salem, the witches or Satan. In Post WW2 America, communism)was used to drive hysteria and persecute innocent people. In bothcases, victims were forced to confess and name others who wouldalso be persecuted. In Salem, many lives w (MORE)

What is the definition of social context?

Social context is the outside social factors surrounding an eventthat are necessary to interpret the event accurately. Socialcontext includes the culture of the time and place, the type ofpeople at the event, where the event takes place, and the lead upto the event.

What is the historical context of Louis Riel?

Time period: Late 1800's Location: Red River Colony, Rupert's Land, North America. Today's Manitoba, in Western Canada. Riel was born in 1844 in a part of North America that was in transition and had been for most of the century. A Governor and Council was administering the Red River Colony (MORE)

How do you observe historical context?

To observe historical context, you have to look at the time when the author was writing, look at the examples, and do some outside research to find what was happening around that time.

What is definition of social context?

Social context is a collection of dynamic (political, economic and cultural) issues in a social system that identify and interpret the human behavior within a specific group in term of traditions, customs, beliefs, values and life discourses. Social context is a dynamic and constructed reality for a (MORE)

What is the historical context of A Doll's House?

A Doll's House was published in Norway in 1879. The first stage production was in Stockholm, in 1880. The play caused an immediate sensation, sparked debate and controversy, and brought Ibsen international fame. It was highly provoking: People tended to respond strongly to it, whether in praise or c (MORE)

What is the historical context of Romeo and Juliet?

The story of Romeo and Juliet is a fictional story. It does not have a historical context. The fact that for a period in the fourteenth century Verona became a powerful independent state is not really important. The story works just as well whether or not the Prince is a powerful ruler or just the t (MORE)

What does historical context means?

Historical context means what was going on at that same time ofhistory when that piece of literature was written or that artworkwas created.

What is the historical context of the Jacksonian era?

It was the beginning of the expansion of political power to the masses, or at least to all white men regardless of property ownership, rather than it just being concentrated in the hands of a few notables. The Jacksonian Era ushered in a new attitude towards western expansion after the dust from the (MORE)

What is the historical context of the play The Crucible?

The play's author, Arthur Miller, uses the Salem witch trials of 1692 as an analogy for the Red Scare of the 1950s. In both cases, governments used coercion against private individuals to investigate an unseen and ultimately imaginary menace.

A speechs historical context?

The historical context of any speech is very important. At times,speeches may be taken out of context and, because of that, bemisunderstood.

What is the Historical context of revelation?

You will find the answer to this question in the book REVELATION IN CONTEXT by Irene Belyeu. She deals with the literary, linguistic, cultural and historical context of the Book of Revelation.

What is the historical context?

The historical context means everything else that was going on at the time, and the events that led up to it. Every event has a historical context.

What is the The Caretaker Historical Context?

The years following victory in World War II were a time of hardship in Britain. A 1947 fuel crisis left many without heat, and food shortages resulted in the continuation of wartime rationing well into the late- 1940s. These years also saw a serious housing shortage. During the war, when constructio (MORE)

What is a definition of context in art terms?

The context of a work of art refers to the cultural constraints and expectations that surrounded and influenced the artist's creation. This can include religious beliefs of both the artist and the larger community, the political events of the time and the artist's view of those events, the work of c (MORE)

What is the social and historical context of Frankenstein?

Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley and is considered as a romantic/gothic novel. The romantics believed that nature on its own had done the best of work and that to alter it was to corrupt it. This is different from Mary Shelley's dad's view, author William Godwin, who believed that the perfec (MORE)

What was the historical context of the rifle?

The true historical context of the rifle in the United Statesbegins around the time of the Civil War. It changed the distancepeople could shoot one another and wild game. This put moredistance between people in war and in hunting. It fundamentallychanged both.

What is historical context in literature?

Historical context refers to the understood situations, events, etc. in the time a piece of literature was written or published in. For instance, a lot of the references to the Victorian social tendencies Oscar Wilde makes in his books make no sense today: the historical context is different.

What is the historical context of Gatling gun?

It was developed during the US Civil War with the hope of reducing casualties and wars by making armed conflict to terrible to experience. The principle was revived by General Electric as an aircraft weapon in the 1950's for air to air combat and later as a tank buster called the Vulcan Cannon.

Historical Context of the Monkey's Paw?

I couldn't find much, but the most I could get is that at the time England had colonies everywhere, and when people from the colonies would visit England they would tell stories of where they came from.

The Glass Menagerie Historical Context?

set in the 1930's before world war two american dream the great depression i am also doing an essay on this but these arethe only points that cinstantly came up

WHAT IS literary and historical context of Modernism?

The literary context: It was a reaction to realism/naturalism. Realism, as you might have guessed, based its ideas on the notion that there is such a thing as an absolute truth, and that it can be described objectively. Modernism can be seen as a reaction against that because one of the major themes (MORE)

What was the historical context of Ephesians?

A: Although attributed to the apostle Paul, Ephesians was actuallywritten during the eighties of the first century, long after Paul'sdeath. Much of the material was copied from the Epistle to theColossians, also a pseudepigraphical letter, with some changesofwording. As with any pseudepigraphical wo (MORE)

What is the historical context of Animal Farm?

"Historical context" can be interpreted in two ways: In a literal sense - the story takes place in roughly the mid-1900s as demonstrated by the technology and events mentioned. Since the story is an allegory for the Russian Revolution of 1917 creating the Soviet Union and events in the Stalin er (MORE)

What is the historical context of Lord of the Flies?

During World War II, the English government thought up an evacuation plan to save children and women if bombing began in major towns. The plan was to put people on an airplane and evacuate them to the countryside or to the United States. As the story of Lord of the Flies begins, the boys on the airp (MORE)

What is the historical context of Cat's in the Cradle?

This 1974 hit song was co-written by Harry Chapin and his wifeSandy. She referenced the bad relationship her former husband hadwith his own father; Harry referenced his relationship with his sonJosh-- being a performer, Harry was frequently on the road and awayfrom home, and had little time to be wi (MORE)

What is the historical context of the memo?

The third possibility was that the West would have to feed all ofBerlin and would have more on their hands than they bargained for.[Sergei Ivanovich Tiulpanov] stated that 2,000 tons of food wouldbe needed daily to sustain the Germans in the Western sectors, buthe thought the Western Powers could fe (MORE)